We are sorry to announce that we will no longer support or allow the Wishlist membership plugin on our systems.  This has not been an easy decision, but it’s something we must do.  I would even go as far as to recommend people away from Wishlist member.


Why is Wishlist Member banned?


  1. Performance: We’ve noticed that the plugin starts getting serious performance problems when a site reaches around 20,000 members, and 100 concurrent connections.
  2. Old Deprecated code:  If you install the Debug Bar and Log Deprecated Calls plugin on a site, you’ll notice deprecated calls from WordPress 2.0, this tells us that the code has not been updated in a very long time, this is either via laziness or incompetence. Either way, a business should not trust their membership site to such a code base.
  3. Encoded/Obfuscated code – This plugin requires the ioncube loader extension to work. This makes it impossible for us to look at the code and make suggestions on how to fix it. Whenever we’ve tried to reach out to Wishlist, we’ve received shoddy support.
  4. It’s not designed for N-Tier environment: The plugin does not work well with environments where a request can be served from multiple servers, we’ve noticed a marked improvement in speed of a site with the APC based object caching, but this means it cannot be shared across servers. This is poor design on their part, and we can’t fix it.

We didn’t want to do this, but we have no choice. We want our customers new and old to have a great experience on our systems, but when we can’t see the code, or work with the vendor, we can’t do anything about it. More importantly, if the vendor continues to use deprecated code from the 2.0 days, it shows a lack of concern for the WP community, the code base, and their customers.

I wish there was an easy migration path away from Wishlist, but there isn’t. Most people won’t notice a problem with Wishlist until their site starts getting mildly successful, and by then they’re trapped.  Due to the extremely negative experience we’ve had with this plugin, we do not recommend this plugin at all.

Existing customers: If your site has close to 15,000 members, you’ve already started experiencing problems.. we’re sorry we can’t help you, your best bet would be to find a dedicated host of your own.

Potential customers looking to speed up your Wishlist Member site: We’re sorry, your best bet is to migrate away from this plugin, or find a different host.

For people looking to start a new membership site, this post by Chris Lema will be very handy.. except ignore the Wishlist Member decision :)


list of deprecated calls within 30 seconds of loading wishlist member


6 thoughts on “ZippyKid and Wishlist Member plugin – change in policy

  1. Vid Luther Post author

    Thanks for the reviews Matt, I’m watching the video right now, so I don’t know what you’ve said about Wishlist, but thank you for sharing this video. Hopefully people can see this, and make a more informed decision for themselves.

  2. Nancy Nardi (@NancyNardi)

    Good decision by ZippyKid. I took Wishlist off my site a few months back because it was causing nothing but problems. I know I sent a few support requests related to it. It really never worked right from day one – even without a lot of traffic and members.

    I switched to Groups since I use WooCommerce – it’s not as robust as some of the others but it does what I need it to.

  3. Stewart Anderson (@helloimstewart)

    How about iMember360 for us Infusionsoft users? MUCH better plugin than Wishlist, but has some of the same issues you reference above – a few instances of deprecated code, encoded code. I just want to make sure I have the right host for this specific project and that our site doesn’t cause problems – I love ZippyKid.

  4. Mark

    This is interesting to hear, as I’ve been struggling with Wishlist … I have my content ready, and integration done, but now with 10 days until my desired launch date, I can’t get my beta version to load anything within Wishlist in faster than 10-15 seconds. Just loading a non-protected registration page took 20 seconds. No one is going to register if it takes that long for the page to even show up. I’m fearful I’m going to have to ditch them last-minute, which will totally blow my launch.

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