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One of the best ways to make money off of your WordPress site is to utilize an ad service to display advertising on your website.

Not every advertising service is created equal. Some services can cause the site to load slowly, while others can be very intrusive, detracting users from returning to the site. At Pressable, we hear from our customers all the time “what service should I use?” While Pressable’s platform supports many ad services, the one we recommend is WordAds.

WordAds is an advertising service created by the team at WordPress.com. It’s available to any WordPress user as long as they use Jetpack on their site.

The WordAds team has negotiated excellent terms for WordAds users by leveraging the huge user base of WordPress.com and the soaring popularity of Jetpack. This means that any WordPress site owner can monetize their content using WordAds.

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The WordAds service is fully managed, which eliminates the work of selecting as to display. Your visitors will be see ads in their native language thanks to multi-language support.

These hands-off features allow you to spend more time creating valuable content and less time managing your ad network.

Adding WordAds to your site is simple, though it does require Jetpack. Remember that every site hosted by Pressable gets Jetpack Security Daily for free so, if you host your site on Pressable, you already have access to WordAds.

Adding WordAds to your site is simple.If you have not used WordAds before, we recommend you read this knowledge base article before you get started.

You’ll find more information about WordAds on the WordAds site. There’s a helpful FAQ that will answer most of your questions about the service.

Are you using WordAds on your WordPress site? Let us know what you think about the service in the comments below.

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