Jeff Mulholland’s Remote Work/Life

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At Pressable, we don’t have an office. Our team members work from the location they choose, anywhere in the United States. In today’s post, our COO, Jeff Mulholland, is giving you a glimpse into his fully-remote work/life.

Jeff Mulholland, COO

My name is Jeff Mulholland and I’m Pressable’s COO. I’ve been with Pressable since 2015. A lot has change in that time, and one of the best changes has been our transformation into a fully-remote workplace.

My background includes some of the most traditional IT organizations and focuses you’ll find. I worked in a high-rise office building and wore suits before I joined Pressable. It’s safe to say that remote work was not on my radar.

Working from home, I’ll tell you that the remote work/life is fantastic – and not only because most of my suits found their way to Goodwill. I’ve become proficient with new tools and practices, seen my work from a (quite literally) different perspective and gained the freedom to be where I want to be. I’ll share more on that later but, for now, let’s jump into my workday.


Jeff Mulholland's remote workstation in West Texas.

I spend most of my days at home but I’m hardly disconnected. I check in with team members, plan projects, evaluate performance, interview potential hires and say, “Good morning, y’all!” in Slack. Slack stays on and my fingers stay active no matter where I am.

More often than not, that’s seated on my couch. Or at the dining table. Or some other spot in the house. My living room is decorated with scattered toddler toys so it’s not included in this post.

I’ve experimented with working outdoors, which sounds great, but the glare is overpowering. That’s true even with an umbrella overhead. I tinker and build things in my spare time so I might build a gazebo to work from one of these days.

When I’m not typing or Zooming (videoconferencing), I’ll step outside and enjoy fresh air. I live and work on a few acres in West Texas, about 1.5 hours from Big Bend National Park.

Favorite Parts of the Remote Work/Life

Having a fully-remote work/life allows me to pursue my interests, the chief of which is spending time with my 2 year old son and my wife. I eat breakfast with my son every morning and take him to his babysitter. More often than not, if I’m working at night, I’ll work around story time and monster truck races.

My day is easily broken up by stepping outside to feed my ducks, preparing quality lunches or taking in mountain views. Remote work requires significant adjustments but, in my experience, it’s manageable. I focus on my work. I focus on my life. I don’t worry about how one might conflict with the other.

Our team works diligently to share information with coworkers who travel or work from different time zones. It’s not always easy to keep up but the benefits far outweigh the costs.

Employee moral is a big beneficiary of remote work, and I think it would be difficult to match that benefit by other means. Let’s face it, no amount of foosball tournaments and catered lunches can match the value of charting your own work/life.

If you like Pressable’s remote work/life, check out our current openings.

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