Mike Price’s Remote Work/Life

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A view from Mike Price's remote work location.

Mike Price, Customer Success Agent

My name is Mike Price and I am a member of the Support team here at Pressable. I’ve been with Pressable since November of 2016. It is hard to imagine that I have not stepped foot into an office nor rushed off to work in 11 months! My personal morning routine is that of peace and serenity… and Good Morning Football.

Working remotely has afforded me a new lifestyle that is no longer a feeling of being rushed, stressed, or chained to a desk for an entire day. I now have the ability to ease into my mornings in a way that allows me to serve our customers even earlier than I would be able to if I had to commute to work in rush hour traffic.


I no longer have to spend my days under bright artificial lighting as my standing desk is situated next to my windows which bring in tons of natural light not to mention give me a wonderful view of the new linear park being built here in San Antonio.

I also absolutely love the fact that I can control the temperature, noise level, music choice, and lunch options during my workday. I no longer have to bear with others as some offices can be way too noisy for my tastes. Being able to create the perfect individual work environment is a blessing.

Favorite Parts of the Remote Work/Life

One of my favorite things about working remotely is the fact that I’ll never have to miss any live sporting events especially my ever important football games! I also get to spend a lot of time with my friends and their children. Not having my own, I can often pick them up from school and be the designated babysitter in the afternoons. Not to mention having the flexibility to spend more time with family especially during the Holidays. In addition to this, I have the ability to travel the world as I please so long as I bring my laptop with me to continue assisting our customers.

Before finding Pressable, it was a dream of mine for years to find an opportunity which affords me these benefits. Now that I have found my dream job, I am never letting go!