5 Tips for Getting Great Technical Support

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Great Support Starts Here

Few things can be as frustrating as needing technical support and not getting it. What, then, does it take to get great WordPress support?

The first step is to speak up. If your host has a help desk, send them a ticket. If they offer live chat (Pressable does both), start a chat. Asking for help will get the ball rolling on a solutuion.

At Pressable, our WordPress experts solve dozens of WordPress problems every day for our customers. It’s important that your host has similar experience with WordPress and can tackle the tough issues. Make sure your host has a great reputation for supporting their customers.

The last step to getting great support is knowing what to say. When requests come into a help desk, technicians are often scrambling behind the scenes to fill in missing details and get the bottom of what customers need. by hitting the right notes in your support request, you can accelerate your conversation and get better results.

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In today’s post, we’re sharing 5 tips you should know before you open a support ticket or chat for your WordPress site. Take a look, and let us know what you think!

Who Are You?

Most hosts use your email or domain to look up your account when you send in a support ticket or open a chat. In this case, you should create the ticket using that email or domain. If your host uses a different detail to identify you, make sure you’re including that in your requests. If your host knows who you are, they’ll be able to jump right in without asking for verification of your identity.

Don’t Skip the Details

What type of error did you receive? What steps were you taking when the problem came up? Let your support technician know the details of your problem and they’ll jump start your support request. The more details the better! 

Take Google for a Spin

Most WordPress problems have simple, routine solutions. Did you know that many hosts’ support pages are indexed on Google? Search Google for “how to clear cache Pressable” and you’ll see this top result for instructions on the Knowledge Base. Want to skip straight to the Knowledge Base? You can do so here. See what resources your host provides for your WordPress problems, and your next WordPress problem might be easier to solve.

Remember the Golden Rule

By and large, asking your WordPress host for support is a positive and rewarding experience. At Pressable, we want our customers to have a delightful experience every time they speak with us. Stick to the point in your support requests, and you’ll find that you and your host are the same page about wanting to solve your problems.

Run With It

Our final piece of advice for getting great support from your WordPress host is to take the advice you’re given. Sounds simple, right? Work with your host, and you’ll have a partner in making your WordPress site incredible.

Try our tips the next time your need support for your WordPress site and see the difference. Need support now? You can get help from experts by opening a ticket or starting a Live Chat on the MyPressable Control Panel.


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