The Top WordPress Trends of 2018

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With major improvements, killer new features, and the continued growth of WooCommerce, WordPress had a banner year in 2017. WordPress shows no signs of stopping, and there’s plenty to be excited about in 2018. Our Director of Support, Roberto Villarreal, recently spoke with HostingAdvice.com‘s Laura Bernheim about emerging trends in hosting and where WordPress is headed in 2018.

Roberto's Interview on HostingAdvice.com

In his interview, Roberto says that hosts can make WordPress more usable in 2018 by innovating new solutions to common administrative and development tasks:

It’s all about finding small ways to remove the nagging bits of work or using cool tools in innovative ways to make those things non-factors. If we can build tools with that struggle in mind, we can effectively get these customers back to doing more of the things they want to be doing.

Rob also discusses how site building, E-commerce, and JavaScript apps will impact WordPress users in the coming year. For more insights on the future of WordPress, head to HostingAdvice.com for Roberto’s full interview.

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