11 Top WordPress Contact Form Plugins

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If a customer has any complaints or questions about your product, the first thing they will do is look for the contact page on your website. If they can’t find the contact form on your website easily (or at all), you might lose a customer. Not only that, it can also result in a horrible 1-star rating on famous product review sites, just because of something that could have been easily resolved.

Check out our picks for contact form plugins that can help you save loyal customers and valuable revenue.

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is one of the most popular Form Builder plugins available for WordPress. It not only allows you to build Contact Forms but all types of forms. You can create forms for payments, file uploads, email notifications, and a lot more.

Gravity Forms comes with over 30 form input field types to help you build virtually any kind of a form. It also comes with Conditional Logic to help you create interactive forms. You can hide or show fields and sections based on user input.


  • Conditional Logic to help you build interactive forms that show and hide fields based on user input.
  • Create virtually any kind of forms with over 30 input fields to choose from.
  • Comes with full support for File Upload.
  • Ability to allow your users to save a form and continue on their next visit.
  • Fully responsive design that looks great on all screen sizes.
  • Comes with support for Google reCaptcha, and Akismet for spam protection.

Price: Starts at $59/year for one site.

Jetpack Forms

WordPress Jetpack comes with dozens of features. Creating beautiful Forms is just one of them.

Jetpack Forms is a great tool for creating basic contact forms. This plugin’s Contact Form module offers a quick and easy way to place a contact form on any page you want with just a few clicks.


  • Add contact forms to pages and even posts.
  • Comes with a built-in spam filter.
  • Add a contact form to your sidebar by adding it to a widget.
  • An easy way to build and add contact forms to your pages within seconds.

If you host your WordPress site on Pressable, your subscriptions already includes Jetpack Premium, inlcuding Jetpack Forms. Just open Jetpack and you’re ready to go.

Price: Free

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is the most popular contact form plugin available for WordPress. It’s completely free and comes with dozens of customization options. It offers a really simple user interface and does only what it promises. This plugin might not be the easiest of all but it is a simple plugin that helps you get the job done.


  • A simple interface that helps you create contact forms in seconds.
  • Dozens of customization options you can use to customize the look of your forms.
  • Comes with support for Google reCaptcha for spam protection.
  • Over 10 input fields to choose from including checkboxes, radio buttons, quiz, file, and date picker.
  • Comes with support for shortcodes you can use to display forms on any page.
  • Ajax powered form submission.

Price: Free

Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is a free Form Builder plugin for WordPress. It comes with dozens of features and allows you to fully customize your forms. You can use it to create Contact Forms, Payment Forms, and lots of other types of forms.

While the basic plugin is completely free, you will have to buy add-ons, if you want more features such as File Uploads, Conditional Logic, and Multi-part Forms.

Ninja Forms is a plugin that has received a lot of praise from big names such as Brian Gardner, the founder of Studio Press, in the WordPress Community.


  • Comes with hundreds of features, and offers dozens of premium add-ons you can buy to get more functionality.
  • Easy-to-use form builder allows you to fully customize your forms.
  • The plugin is translation-ready, so you can easily translate it into multiple languages.
  • You can add the forms to your site using the sidebar widget or place the shortcode in your page or if you know how to code, place the template function in your theme files.

Price: Basic version available for Free. Pricing for the premium version starts at $99.

Pirate Forms

Pirate Forms is a free form builder that offers a simple interface to help you build forms. Unlike most of the plugins on this list, the free version of Pirate Forms doesn’t support multiple forms. You have to buy the pro version of the plugin to be able to create multiple forms for your website.

While the free basic version of this plugin lacks a lot of features, it is sufficient for creating a professional-looking, fully functional contact form.


  • Fully customizable forms.
  • Full support for Google reCaptcha to help prevent SPAM.
  • Comes with support for SMTP, so you can choose the SMTP server you want to use to send emails.
  • You can place your forms anywhere you want using a shortcode.

Price: Basic version is available for Free. Pricing for the extended version starts at $46/year for one site.

Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms is a premium Form Builder plugin for WordPress. It comes with all the features you would expect from a premium form builder. It allows you to create all kinds of forms including File Upload forms and multi-page forms.


  • Allow logged-in users to continue partially filled forms.
  • Conditional Logic helps you build interactive forms.
  • Fully customize the design of your forms using an easy visual style editor.
  • Comes with support for Email Notifications and Autoresponders.
  • Fully responsive design that looks great on all devices.

Price: Starts at $49/year for one site.

WP Forms

WP Forms is one of the most popular contact form plugins for WordPress on the market. It is developed by the same team behind the famous OptinMonster plugin.

It comes with dozens of form templates that you can easily customize using the drag-and-drop form builder.


  • Suitable for beginners.
  • Drag-and-drop form builder to help you build beautiful forms within minutes.
  • Create forms that collect payments and donations.
  • Lead Manager to view all the leads you collect in one place.
  • Create smart forms with Conditional Logic.
  • Can be used to create email subscription forms for list building.
  • Built-in spam protection to help keep your inbox and leads database clean.

Price: Starting at $39/year for one website.

Sumo Contact Form

Unlike other plugins on this list, Sumo Contact Form is not a WordPress plugin but a web application, but it can do everything and, in some cases, even more than most of the plugins on this list. It comes with not only one but a dozen cool apps you can use to grow your website’s traffic, email list, and revenue.

Unlike most of the apps that come with Sumo, Contact Form is available even on the free plan and offers two templates to choose from.


  • Really easy to set up. Can be done within a minute.
  • Customizable templates that you can match with your website’s color theme.
  • Built-in autoresponder service allows you to send an automatic response to anyone who uses your contact form.
  • Easy drag-and-drop builder.
  • Multiple Contact Form locations to choose from.

Pricing: Free for up to 500 subscribers. Pro pricing starts at $29/month for unlimited usage.

Contact Form by BestWebSoft

Contact Form by BestWebSoft is a very basic Contact Form plugin for WordPress. Unlike most plugins on this list, it doesn’t come with thousands of features but gets the job done.

It offers a responsive layout that automatically adjusts according to screen size. If you are just looking to add a basic contact form to your website, this tool is the best option.


  • A lightweight plugin that gets the job done.
  • Allows file attachments.
  • Comes with a built-in two column layout.
  • Easily reorder the fields with a drag and drop builder.
  • Shortcodes you can place anywhere.

Price: Free. Pro version available at $30 per year.

Visual Form Builder

Visual Form Builder is one of the most popular Form Builders on the market. It comes with literally hundreds of features and allows you to build virtually any kind of forms.

It allows you to completely customize the forms to your liking. You can even edit the CSS yourself if you want. If you want more functionality than the free version, you can always buy the pro version and its extensions such as the Form Designer.


  • Easy drag-and-drop form builder.
  • Dozens of field types to choose from.
  • Comes with built-in spam protection.
  • Support for Shortcodes.
  • Support for File Attachments.
  • Create smart forms with Conditional Logic.
  • Allows you to edit the form’s CSS, and fully customize the design.
  • Multiple layout options to choose from. Choose from a two, three, or a four column layout.

Price: Free. Pro version available at $29.


Ninja Kick Sidebar Contact Form

If all you need is a contact form in the sidebar of your website, Ninja Kick Sidebar Contact Form is the perfect plugin. It offers an easy way to build contact forms with the Contact Form 7 plugin. You can fully customize the design and look of the forms you create with this plugin. It comes with 3 beautiful themes to choose from.


  • Easily create contact forms for your sidebar within seconds.
  • Responsive design that looks great on all devices.
  • Three beautiful, professional-looking themes to choose from.
  • Support for MailChimp.
  • Available in multiple languages including English, German, and Russian.

Price: $19

Can’t Decide?

If you still can’t decide which plugin to go with, let me make it a bit easier for you.

If all you are looking for is to slap a contact form on your website, go with Contact Form 7 or Contact Form by BestWebSoft. Both of them are free and will get the job done within minutes with minimal configuration.

If you are looking for an all-in-one solution, go with Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, or Formidable Forms. All of them are affordable and offer literally hundreds of features to help you build virtually any kind of a form for your website.


Having a contact form on your website makes it easier for your customers, and visitors to contact you. If you don’t have one on your website already, you are losing hundreds of new customers every day.

Pick any one of these contact form plugins, and add a contact form to your website today if you don’t already have one on your website. It will take less than a minute.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback, let us know in the comments below.


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