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Your website is an incredibly valuable asset to your business. When your uptime, performance, and user experience have a direct connection to your bottom line you can’t afford to choose the wrong kind of hosting environment. As an enterprise business, you need a scalable, high-performing, and secure hosting environment that can handle large volumes of traffic. Plus, this environment needs to be custom-crafted to your existing technology setup and business goals.  Your website and your company need enterprise managed WordPress hosting. There is a myriad of reasons why, so let’s get to it.

WordPress and Enterprise Are a Match Made in Heaven

WordPress started as a humble blogging platform and has now grown into an enterprise-level solution that powers sites such as CNN, NASA, The New Yorker, and many more. The flexibility and customization abilities of WordPress make it a highly adaptable framework that can suit the smallest bloggers, all the way up to massive media powerhouses.

Below we highlight why WordPress makes such a great enterprise solution:

  1. Due to its open-source nature, it has unparalleled flexibility. Right out of the gate you’ll have the ability to choose from thousands of different plugins and add-ons that make the most sense for your website.
  2. As a content management platform, it shines above the rest, as it’s built with content creation and editing from the very start. Even for teams that have multiple content roles and user permissions.
  3. WordPress is built with scalability in mind and can support billions of page views per month. With the right host behind you, it has near-infinite scalability.

The qualities above are one of the many reasons that some of the largest sites in the world choose WordPress. However, to unlock its full power you need a host that’s in alignment with your needs and goals.

Why Should You Consider Enterprise WordPress Hosting?

By using WordPress enterprise hosting you’re solving a major problem for your business. You have a site that has lots of pages, media, and traffic. You’re trying to serve millions of visitors at the same time, all without bringing down your site.

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In order to solve this problem, you need a host that can effectively manage caching, scale your site, and ensure near-perfect uptime, even when you’re experiencing a spike in traffic.

Certain web applications can also take advantage of enterprise hosting to offer a superior user experience. Let’s say you have a booking app that lets users book reservations at luxury hotels at a discount. You need a way to give your users a seamless registration and payment experience, all without an interruption in service. This is easy on a smaller scale, but what about when your site is receiving millions of visitors every month?

Enterprise hosting gives you a solution you can lean on to ensure your site never goes offline and you can deliver your users a stellar experience, no matter how much traffic you receive.

Traditionally IT departments would have handled most of the heavy lifting when it comes to platform optimization and management. However, large organizations are coming around to the potential of outsourcing their hosting environments to experienced teams of WordPress experts.

Right out of the gate WordPress is pretty well optimized, but to get the most out of your WordPress setup you’ll still need a highly optimized hosting setup. This is doubly true for large sites that receive a high volume of traffic.

Running WordPress at a very high level requires extensive infrastructure, knowledge, and optimization experience. All things that an enterprise host is equipped to offer you.

Benefits of Using WordPress Enterprise Hosting

Using an enterprise WordPress host will improve your website’s speed, performance, security, and scalability. But, it also offers some other benefits that can help to transform your organization and how you do business.

1. Completely Custom Hosting Solution

You need a hosting solution that fits your needs and budget. A stock hosting solution just won’t give you the performance you require. Although the technology behind an enterprise host is similar on a site by site basis, the application of that technology will differ. An enterprise host will work with you to design a hosting configuration that’ll help you get the most out of your site.

2. Knowledge Account Managers

With most enterprise hosts you’ll be working with a dedicated account manager that’ll do much more than just keep you happy. The account managers at Pressable will be with you the entire step of the way, from first contact all the way to ensuring your hosting and website are in compliance with all corporate and legal governance standards.

3. IT Team Freedom

Your IT team is valuable. They should be doing more than reactive technical tasks to keep your site online. With enterprise hosting, you’ll free up your technical staff to accomplish operational tasks that go beyond hosting management. At an enterprise-level, you’ll have a dedicated team of WordPress experts to lean on whenever a technical task or issue does arise.

Features to Look for in an Enterprise WordPress Host

Just because you’re using WordPress doesn’t mean you’re going to get the most out of it. Even an incredible looking site doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t perform. To truly unlock the power of your WordPress site you need an enterprise solution perfectly optimized for your unique needs.

Below we look at a few important features you’ll want in an enterprise WordPress host:

1. Fast Loading and Stellar Performance

Your site’s performance will have a direct impact on your bottom line. A slow loading site will not only turn off your visitors but will also make you rank lower in the search engines. Site performance isn’t just another metric, it’s a major determining factor in your site’s success.

As a result, you need a host that’s optimized to improve your site’s performance on multiple levels, from infrastructure to server software and hardware, along with caching and database optimization. Pressable’s enterprise hosting was recently named a top performer by Review Signal in their 2018 WordPress Hosting Benchmarks

2. Near Impenetrable Security

Since WordPress is such a popular CMS, it’s a very likely target for hackers. The core of WordPress is incredibly secure and has proven so time and time again. But, you’ll still want additional layers of security in place.

Simple things like, keeping your theme up to date and only using themes and plugins from verified sources will help to plug any common security holes. But, you’ll still need things like SSL support, DDoS and malware protection, along with regular scans and patching if hacking does occur.

The host you choose needs to make security a priority. Having a single security breach can lead to decreased user confidence and trust, depending on the severity of the issue.

3. High-Volume Traffic and Scalability

As an enterprise site, you get a lot of traffic. Aside from consistently high levels of traffic, you’ll probably also have the occasional spike from an article going viral or your company being featured in the news.

Now, at a platform level, WordPress can handle any amount of traffic you throw at it, so your limits won’t come from the framework itself, but instead your hosting environment.

Your host should be able to easily support your current levels of traffic without any disruption in performance, or uptime, along with being able to easily scale at a moment’s notice.

4. World-Class WordPress Support

Running a larger website means there are more chances for things to break and go wrong. Your host needs to have a responsive support team that can swiftly handle any issues, along with having preventative measures in place.

A stellar enterprise host will be available 24/7 with no waiting for a response on your end. You should have the confidence that any small issues will be taken care of without your input, and larger issues will be handled very quickly.

5. Customized Hosting Environment

Your hosting environment should be built around your existing business, not the other way around. A solid enterprise host will create a custom hosting, billing, and support solution that’s designed to integrate with and improve your existing website.

Along with building you a hosting environment that works for your business today, you also need a solution that can quickly scale and adapt to your changing needs. Your business today will be much different than your business six months from now and you need a host that can keep up and support those changes.

Choosing the right WordPress host for your enterprise website is something you should take seriously. With the information above you should be well equipped to find the enterprise hosting solution that’ll fit your website like a glove and help you deliver an outstanding user experience.

Pressable enterprise hosting is optimized for enterprise websites that demand performance, security, scalability, and a support team that’s responsive and puts you first. Explore our enterprise WordPress hosting solutions today.

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