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A common question Pressable Support receives from our clients is “What is the best way to backup my site?” Pressable already includes automated backups for everyone who hosts on our platform, so you don’t need to use a third-party backup service. All of your content, media, and files are saved by our system automatically. The content of your WordPress site is the most important piece of your website, and it should be protected. So it never hurts to use a secondary backup system to have redundancy.

In the WordPress ecosystem, there are many backup plugins and services that help save your content. Many of them include services that help improve the backup experience in some way, though many of these plugins can cause more problems than help. Many plugins can accidentally cause errors and cause sites to crash if you are not careful. The performance problems some backup plugins can cause are the reason why we have blacklisted some of them on the Pressable platform. You can check out our restricted plugins list here.

The plugin we recommend the most for backup services is the VaultPress plugin made by Automattic. VaultPress contains a lot of great features that allow you to have a ton of control over how you want your backups to run, and it has a lot of great security and monitoring features too. VaultPress is a great plugin for WordPress users who are concerned with backing up their content, and users who care about security monitoring for their WordPress site (which should be everyone!).

VaultPress Backs Up Your Site Safely

VaultPress as a Secondary Backup

VaultPress has the ability to connect to a site’s SFTP directory, or connect to your WordPress site via SSH, in order to grab a copy of your site’s files. You can decide how often VaultPress backs up your site, and watch your WordPress site’s backup occur in real-time. VaultPress is powered by the same infrastructure that powers WordPress.com, so a majority of the plugin’s functionality is handled by a third-party system. That means your site won’t show evidence of performance issues while the backup is taking place.

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VaultPress will show a breakdown of each automatic backup that is run on the site, and you have the option of running backups manually. A manual backup allows users to run the backup before they make any major changes to their site, such as changing a theme or making a change to the site’s plugins.

If you make a mistake, or don’t like a change you made to your site, you can also use VaultPress to roll back changes made to your site. Each backup will serve as a restore point, so you can always roll your site back to the version of the site that was backed up at that point. It is easy to do with a click of a button.

When Pressable runs a site backup, we store the backups within our own system in a secure and redundant location. VaultPress stores backups within their own infrastructure, giving you an added layer of protection by keeping your site backed up in two places.

Security and Monitoring Awesomeness

VaultPress Scans for Malware

VaultPress includes a full suite of security and monitoring services with their highest level plans, which you can view here. The VaultPress plugin will scan for common malware every time a backup is run on your site, checking each of the files stored on your site. The monitoring functionality will notify you anytime it finds a file with an issue, and will attempt to fix it for you automatically.

The VaultPress stats system also includes some interesting stats that track with your content, such as traffic levels and random items like what the most popular activity points are for your site (like publishing, commenting, etc.).

VaultPress for Migrations

VaultPress for Migrations

Some of the biggest pain points for WordPress users happens when they decide to move their site between different hosting providers. The Pressable support team helps folks migrate their site every day, but some folks would prefer to do it themselves. VaultPress includes some cool functionality that allows users to download a backup of their site on a old server, and then “restore” the site onto a new hosting platform. This enables WordPress site owners to use VaultPress as a migration tool. The plugin works great for most WordPress sites!

Backups are an important component of your WordPress site uptime strategy. And VaultPress is a powerful and flexible technology that provides a redundant solution. So even if your hosting provider offers backup as part of your hosting package, you should consider VaultPress as a compliment. Starting at just $5/month, it’s a small price to pay for some extra peace of mind. You can find more information on VaultPress services and pricing here.

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