White Glove Support: Meet Roger

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This is the fourth part of our Meet the Team series. Roger, Customer Support Specialist, looks at WordPress support like he looks at his vast swath of land in Colorado: with wide eyes and a happy heart. His goal is to make your life easier, and he’ll do whatever he can to get there. Learn more about Roger below.

Where do you work? (The Pressable team is remote.)


From April to November I live in Southwest Colorado. For the colder months, I live farther south.

How long have you Worked for Pressable?


Since August 16, 2018.

What’s your favorite part about working for Pressable?


My favorite part of working at Pressable is the people I work with. They’re great at their jobs but don’t have an ego about it. If I need help, they’re there to answer any questions I have or help me investigate further–especially if the problem’s a tough one.

What’s the craziest, most impactful, or most exciting support ticket you’ve ever serviced?


Crazy? We don’t have crazy tickets here, just crazy good support! Ok…that was cheesy, but accurate. To answer your question though, I would say most of the tickets I’ve worked on are exciting and impactful. They are exciting cause you just never know what you’re going to get: 500 error, slow site, optimized database that just deleted everything, login screen not accessible, etc. They’re all impactful because every site that you help get running again (or running better than before) is a site that someone may be relying on for income, or that users need for important information.

When you’re not pressing at Pressable, what are you doing?


Spending time with my dogs, wife, and friends. Maybe training for a half marathon, and definitely drinking craft beer.

If you had the power to change one thing to make the world a better place, what would it be?


Get people to stop looking at each other as different, to know that if we work together, we can do anything.

If you could work remotely from anywhere in the world, where would it be?


From my land in Mancos, CO.

What is your favorite way to listen to music, Pandora or Spotify? What is your favorite station/playlist?


Apple Music. My favorite playlist is the My Favorites list that Apple updates each week with my favorite songs.

Mac or PC?



Favorite support hack tool?



Do you have a life hack or piece of advice/tip/trick for being a remote worker?


Create your workspace and make it the one you always wanted that allows you to focus on work. Then never use that space for anything else.

Roger is just one of the many WordPress experts that make up our support team–and he is an expert. Don’t believe us? Here’s Roger at WordCamp Phoenix about teaching clients to love WordPress.