Enterprise for All? What’s That?

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At Pressable all sites operate on the same server architecture. No matter how big or small your site is, we treat them all the same. That’s what we mean by enterprise for all. So let’s take a look at what you actually get with that server architecture, and what it means for your business.

Pressable Platform

Pressable has built a best-of-breed hosting platform focused on high availability, redundancy, and security. This means your site is prepared for any level of traffic that comes its way, any time of day. Our systems team incorporates a multi-tiered, enterprise-level server platform around the NGINX web server so that your website stays up and running under the most demanding traffic. So instead of worrying about whether your site can handle that huge traffic spike, you can continue to do what you do best: run your business. Let’s explore the five layers of Pressable’s server technology and get into what enterprise for all actually means.

File and Database Servers

Pressable’s systems team starts with a solid foundation of file and database servers. Instead of treating these systems as separate, our servers act in tandem. This allows us greater flexibility to grow the system as needed. It also creates a natural buffer between processes allowing for redundancy, efficiency, and security.

Database servers are specialized servers setup to just operate the software for databases. Database software is both memory and processor demanding so having servers entirely focused on them improves speed and availability. At Pressable we run MariaDB, which is a variant of MySQL, for all hosted websites. This doesn’t just mean a faster site. It also means increased security.

Web Servers

A web server’s purpose is to handle World Wide Web client requests. The primary function is to deliver web pages using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol, or HTTP. Since Pressable is exclusively focused on hosting WordPress websites, our web servers also handle server-side scripting for the PHP language.

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For performance purposes, Pressable has chosen to use the NGINX web server software to run all of our web servers. NGINX is an answer to the Apache web server’s issues with handling high numbers of concurrent users. This means that all sites on Pressable are set up to handle large amounts of traffic out of the box. As with file and database servers separating web servers onto their own hardware allows, Pressable to tune the hardware and software to their specific tasks. This results in higher availability and redundancy as your site traffic increases.

Caching and CDN

Caching a website improves performance by reducing the processes involved in creating and delivering a web page. Since most web page content doesn’t change from minute to minute, having a caching system allows Pressable to speed up your site while still allowing for updates to the page. At Pressable we operate the batcache caching system so visitors to your site will see the pages load faster.

In addition to batcache, we also incorporate a global Content Delivery Network (CDN) to cache your pages. This creates an additional level of redundancy with more servers involved, but adds an extra dimension of redundancy with geographical diversity. Pressable configures your site with the CDN once the site it placed into production mode and begins delivery immediately. This means you are ready for heavy traffic at the click of a button.

Load Balancing Servers

As your traffic increases, so does the demand on the web server. Even with the improved performance of the NGINX server, it’s also necessary to incorporate load balancing, which acts as a traffic cop determining which web server traffic should flow to depending on the demand. Pressable incorporates load balancers and pools of web servers to optimize the performance of all sites on our platform.

Enterprise for All

At Pressable when we say “Enterprise for all” we mean it. Every site on our platform incorporates the five-layer configuration we talk about above. Plus, we handle all WordPress Core, PHP, and MySQL software updates, so you are running on the fastest most secure configuration all the time. Want to see our platform in action? Schedule a demo today and see what makes Pressable the place where WordPress works best.

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