How to Network at WordCamp Iloilo

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WordCamps, above all else, are about community. There’s a sense of belonging that washes over you when you walk into the main auditorium, when you see those sponsor tables lined with swag, or when you see hundreds of people wearing punny WordPress shirts clapping for a keynote speaker. That’s why we at Pressable make an effort to attend any WordCamp we can: to help the community, and our community, grow. 

The WordPress Community

Pressable doesn’t hold a monopoly on this community-minded attitude, however. While WordCamps are great places to learn, gain new skills, and improve as a developer, designer, or marketer, they’re also fantastic places to meet individuals who can help you and your company grow in other ways. Especially if you’re looking for new ways to grow your business and the services you offer. That’s why Pressable started our Strategic Partner Program. 

We definitely know WordPress and hosting, but we like to stay in our lane when it comes to other things like marketing, SEO, web design, and business development. Instead, we like to find members of our community whose goals are similar to ours, companies who want to not only grow their own presence, but help others grow, too. We started our Strategic Partner Program hoping to help our community grow, and to help our customers grow, too. 

Networking and Strategic Partners

When we found out our friends from DevelApp were going to be at WordCamp Iloilo, we knew we had to go, too. But who from our San Antonio-based company would make the trek halfway across the world? It turns out that having an international support team really comes in handy, and not just when you’re looking to submit a support ticket at 3:00 AM CT! Edcel, a Pressable team member based out of New Zealand, quickly jumped on the opportunity to represent Pressable. 

“Even though we’re a close team, we’re all thousands of miles apart. So when there’s an opportunity to get together with a partner and network, of course I wanted to step up!” – Edcel 

To get the most out of our almost 5,000 mile journey, we decided the best way to support each other is to give a joint talk at the camp. What’s the perfect topic for a web host and a website application developer? How hosting impacts the performance of hybrid and native mobile apps. This will give each partner the perfect opportunity to show our expertise while educating and passing on valuable information to fellow community members. 

Tips for Networking at WordCamps

Are you an introvert? Someone who acts like a wallflower and sits at the back of the auditorium, holding back questions? Try to get out of your shell! The easiest way to network is to just go up to someone and talk to them. A WordCamp is a perfect place to do just that. Go to talks and meet people who have the same interests as you. Find people with the same questions as you, too, so you can find the answers together. 

If you’re more interested in looking for business partners, there’s a different strategy to consider: talk to your customers and find out if any parts of their business are suffering, if they have any pain points and need help filling a gap in their services. Chances are, if your clients are all rather similar to one another, that they’ll give you similar answers. When you attend WordCamps and other events, look for businesses that can help your clients, talk to them about your needs, and propose a partnership that can be beneficial for both businesses. That way, you help your clients, your friends, and most importantly, your business. 

WordCamps are perfect places to gain new friends, network, and grow your business. The best way to start? Go! Talk to people, find things you have in common, and network. WordCamps are perfect places to talk and learn, so find a camp near you and buy a ticket. You can check out WordCamp Central for a schedule of camps all around the world, or for talks from previous WordCamps.