5 Reasons You Can’t Miss WordCamp San José

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San José Costa Rica

San José is so much more than the capital of Costa Rica; it’s a central base camp for nature lovers as they travel across the country. It’s a culinary hotspot for people looking to get an authentic taste of Costa Rica. And it’s a paradise for WordPress experts and digital nomads looking to explore the world. Since 2016, the local WordPress MeetUp group has hosted WordCamp San José. Why do more than 500 people flock to this event every year? We’ve got five reasons you can’t miss WordCamp San José.

The History

San José is over 300 years old. Throughout its history, it has been used as a trading and political hub in the region. This has caused sustained growth. Old buildings are mixed with new, and there is plenty of architecture around the city to marvel at. From the castle-like National Museum to the modernist Jade Museum where thousands of years of archaeological history are stored, there is plenty of history to take in around town.

The Culture

In addition to being the physical center of Costa Rica, San José is the cultural center of the nation, as well. In the last 10 years, the town has grown immensely and the arts have grown in popularity. The National Theatre of Costa Rica acts as host to a variety of plays, ballets, and orchestral performances year round, and there are plenty of bars and clubs where you can go to listen to local musicians and bands.

The Food

Being the cultural capital of a country means having access to the best food around. San José is home to tons of traditional Costa Rican restaurants (Costa Rican cuisine isn’t traditionally too spicy), as well as Chinese, Vietnamese, and other Central American countries whose immigrants have come to call Costa Rica home over thousands of years. Try out Restaurante Silvestre, a newer joint that’s making waves in the food scene all over the world. Or La Criollita if you’re looking to grab some down-home Costa Rican cuisine.

The Tech

2016 saw the first WordCamp San José, but the local WordPress Meetup group held talks around town for years before. The first year for the event was a huge success with over 250 tickets sold. WordCamp San José exploded in 2017 to 400 tickets sold, and over 600 were sold last year. This year-over-year growth has made this event the largest WordCamp in Latin America, and the largest tech event in Costa Rica.

The Nature

Of course you can’t mention Costa Rica without talking about the vast rainforests that cover huge swaths of the country. There are rainforests to the south, tropical dry forests to the north, and the Pacific or Atlantic Oceans on either side; Costa Rica has something for everyone. If you’re heading there for WordCamp, take a couple extra days (or weeks!) to hop around seeing everything you can. There is a lot of biodiversity in Costa Rica, so try to see as much of it as you can before you leave!

Costa Rica is a bridge between North and South America. It’s a cultural, natural, and technological meeting place where worlds collide. And it’s a spot that the WordPress nerd and the nature lover inside you won’t want to miss. Our friends from Weglot will be at the camp, so don’t forget to give them a shout out at and say hello! We’d also love to hear from you on Twitter. Shout out to us from the camp and some awesome swag might be coming your way.