Pressable Selected as Migration Partner for Adobe Business Catalyst

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Pressable's partnership with Adobe Business Catalyst

WordPress Community Set to Welcome New Members

Pressable is honored to be selected by Adobe Business Catalyst as a preferred migration partner for customers transitioning to other platforms during their end-of-life software transition. New WordPress sites hosting with Pressable will receive personalized onboarding, 24/7 support, free SSL certificates, and more

“As Business Catalyst customers decide what to do with their sites, we want them to know that if they choose WordPress as their CMS – we have options,” said Michelle Keefer, Director of Marketing for Pressable. “We have a great support team, and a lineup of Strategic Partners to ensure new WP users are comfortable with WordPress and happy long after the migration is complete.”

Pressable has featured partners WordHerd, BC Exporter and Codeable, each offering something unique to ensure sites find new life away from Adobe Business Catalyst. While these three partners were selected specifically because of their skills with ABC, Pressable’s strategic partner network includes dozens of other WordPress experts available to help long after the migrations are complete.

“WordHerd makes the transition from your current platform to WordPress as easy as possible,” said Kris Hadlock at WordHerd. “Our automated website migration bridges the gap between platforms – the end result is a site looking and performing the same as it does now on Adobe Business Catalyst.”

As the sites are migrated through WordHerd onto Pressable’s servers, each site owner will receive the same great personalized onboarding that Pressable is known for, gain access to our 24/7 customer support, and meet more strategic partners to help you succeed on WordPress.

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“10 years of experience building sites on Business Catalyst helped us understand the unique challenges of moving away from this platform, now you can get all your data out with one click of a button!” said Karim Ardalan, co-founder at BC Exporter.

While Adobe Business Catalyst does provide instructions on getting data off of its platform, the process is long and arduous. The experts at BC Exporter know the ABC system inside and out, and can migrate your site’s data without the hassle of doing it yourself. 

Codeable is a network of vetted freelancers available for any task, big or small. They serve as a home for WordPress experts that are available to work on any part of your website, from a migrations to maintenance. Their role in the partnership is to help facilitate new users’ transition to this new—and often unknown—platform, providing them with tools and resources to help get things done. 

“Complex cross-platform migrations are not foreign to the pre-vetted experts on our platform,” said Raleigh Leslie at Codeable. “Clients hire our developers to ensure a smooth transition to WordPress when an automated migration is not an option and for future on-demand development work for their new WordPress-based websites.”

Keefer says Pressable’s vision may help potential clients understand the biggest differentiation between Pressable and the other preferred partners like WPEngine, “Our mission is simple: provide the best managed WordPress hosting at a fair price, and to do the right thing for WordPress users.”

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