Disallowed Plugins on Pressable

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Disallowed plugins on Pressable.

Not all plugins are created equal. There’s a reason we don’t want you to go wild and add just any of the over 27,000 WordPress plugins out there. Sometimes, it’s because these plugins are redundant—Pressable offers a lot of services that make common plugins take up too much space on our servers. Usually though, disallowed plugins hinder your site’s performance and functionality. 

But we won’t leave you without some good alternatives to those blacklisted plugins, because what’s a WordPress site without plugins?

Not Allowed: 

Caching Plugins (nginx-helper, w3-total-cache, wp-super-cache)

These interfere with our own caching systems (which are far better, in our opinion). This means that your site won’t be cached properly, and you won’t get the load speed advantages that caching ensures. 


Pressable’s built-in caching

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We built in our own caching system so that you don’t even have to think about caching plugins. This ensures that your site is delivered fast no matter where it’s called. You can also turn our caching off when you’re developing your site so nothing is cached that isn’t quite ready yet.

You can also try WP Rocket. While it was unavailable on our platform for some time, we worked hand-in-hand with the plugin developers to get it to work on our system. 

Not Allowed: 

CSS/JS Minification Plugins (bwp-minify)

Minify plugins are supposed to help page-load, but this one can cause your site to slow down and lose functionality. 


Fast Velocity Minify


These are just a few of the minify plugins that we allow here at Pressable. They accomplish their goal (helping increase page load times) while complying with Pressable’s disallowed plugin standard. 

Not Allowed: 

Backup plugins

Ok, technically you can activate a backup-related plugin on your site. It’s not strictly disallowed, but it’s in your best interest to avoid them. When a backup plugin operates within your site, it’s subject to limitations on things like memory and site resources. This is bad news for your site’s speed and functionality.

If a backup plugin is causing performance issues, our team will disable your plugin. But luckily, you have a great alternative: Pressable.

Not Allowed: 


This plugin overwhelms our servers with HTTP requests. It’s also banned by a number of other hosting companies for the same reason, including WP Engine and Flywheel by WP Engine.


There are plenty of other broken link checkers out there that serve this same purpose without the use of a plugin. These websites will go through your site looking for broken links, much the same way a plugin would. These include: 




Still have questions about what plugins you can and can’t use on Pressable? Our support team is available 24/7 to help you out with all of your caching, backup and plugin needs. 

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