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It’s 6:00 a.m. You’re just about to get up when you get a phone call from someone in sales saying that all of your clients’ websites have been down for over six hours and no one noticed. You rush into the shower, get dressed, and head into work: tired, stressed, hair still wet.

So much for an easy Friday, you sigh as you walk in the door. You know exactly what happened. Your IT guy must have started updating and then left, not waiting around to see if anything went wrong. He’s frantically working at his computer to get the servers back up.

You finally get into a steady groove until 9:30 rolls around. Your phone rings.

A client asks if you provide automation services. You can’t say no, but you look around your office of 14 developers and marketing experts thinking ‘Who can learn this really quick?’ You instead decide to spend the next couple hours looking for a vendor that might be able to help. Hopefully there’s one in your price range.

Finally a break for lunch…

24/7 WordPress Support

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As you leave, you hear some great news: Your site’s down…again. This time, it’s a broken plugin that crashed your site. Your more tech-savvy developer is on the case, but it could still take her hours to find and fix the issue.

Mid-size agencies have to be competitive⁠—in services and in price⁠—but you can’t offer every service under the sun. If only there was a place you could turn to that you’re already doing business with? A partner who wants to help you grow your business, see it thrive and grow?

Well, how about this?

Instead of getting up at 6:00 a.m. to a phone call about a down site, how about a 6:00 a.m. international call with an automation partner who can also help get you new business overseas? How about a seamless CMS workflow that keeps key feature plugins working, integrates with WordPress, and gives you training on how to improve your skills? How about a go-to host that has everything your business needs to succeed?

What Is a Strategic Partner Program?

That’s Pressable’s Strategic Partner Program in a nutshell. Our program is made up of select, hand-picked individuals and businesses that provide useful, beneficial services to our clients. Each one is hand vetted to ensure their goals and culture align with ours. Much like WordPress itself, it’s a community that works together to make running your business easier. Instead of making you go out and look for partners, we do the work for you.

What Makes Pressable’s Program Unique?

When we get an application for a new strategic partner, we ask three questions:

  1. Are they compatible with our mission and values?
  2. Will this partner add a unique value to our program?
  3. How will this partner’s services benefit our clients?

We want to be sure that if our customers are using our managed WordPress hosting services and we refer them to another business, that they get a service that is 100% compatible with ours. If the two services to not work seamlessly together, then we’re causing you more of a headache than we would otherwise.

Who Are Our Partners?

All Your Needs in One Place

Pressable is more than a hosting provider. We’re a business partner. We do everything we can to help you succeed. We take care of your websites, provide five-star support that’s unmatched in the industry, and network with businesses around the world to find the best providers for the services you need.

When you choose to use a Pressable Strategic Partner, you can rest assured that we will work seamlessly together to provide you with the best services for your business to help you grow, prosper, and thrive.

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