PHP Versions: The Difference between PHP 7.2, 7.3, and 7.4

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With Pressable, all sites can now switch between PHP versions 7.2, 7.3, and 7.4 with just one click in MyPressable Control Panel.

To change your PHP version:

  • Login to MyPressable Control Panel
  • Go to Settings for your website
  • Switch the PHP version under Site Info

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To learn more about PHP limitations on Pressable, including values such as max_execution_time, memory_limit, and upload_max_filesize, you can read our PHP Info & Limitations article.

You can also learn more about our Service And Platform Considerations here.

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Understanding the Latest PHP Versions

We’ve outlined some information and the improvements between the three available PHP versions below:

PHP 7.2
Released: November 30th, 2017

PHP 7.2 provided several smaller core improvements and new features over the previous version. Performance comparisons showed that it is 400 times faster than PHP 5.2 and could execute three times as many transactions per second compared to PHP 5.6.

New features included:

  • New object type hinting
  • Parameter type widening
  • Abstract method overriding
  • Trailing comma in list syntax
  • New Sodium extension

PHP 7.3
Released: December 6th, 2018

PHP 7.3 marked the third update to the PHP 7 series. It has been benchmarked as being approximately 10% faster than PHP 7.2. The most relevant improvements include an update to the existing heredoc and nowdoc syntaxes.

New features included:

  • Multibyte string functions
  • Argon2 password hash enhancements
  • More flexible heredoc and nowdoc syntaxes

PHP 7.4
Released: November 28th, 2019

PHP 7.4 significantly boosts performance and improves code readability. The preload function is able to preload functions and classes to speed-up the loading of scripts by 30-50%. PHP 7.4 also brings lots of additional features, fixes, and syntax additions. This is the last version before PHP 8 is released. 

New features include:

  • Arrow functions for cleaner one-liner functions
  • Preloading to improve performance
  • Support for typed properties
  • Custom object serialization
  • Unpacking inside arrays
  • Weak references
  • Improved type variance

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