5 Reasons to Choose WordPress for Your eCommerce Store

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When you choose to build a site on WordPress, you join the almost 455 million others that trust their business online to the largest CMS in the world. But WordPress is for more than just personal blogs. Almost 60 million eCommerce sites exist on WordPress, from local sellers to fortune 500 companies alike. Why do so many choose WordPress for their eCommerce store, and why is it the right choice for your online storefront? 

Pay Less, Get More

There are plenty of platforms available to you when you decide to start building a website. Wix and Squarespace are two very popular options, but these charge ongoing fees over the life of your site. Not only for hosting, but also for using the service as a whole. Those costs can really add up.

With WordPress, on the other hand, there are no ongoing charges or fees unless you want there to be. If you don’t feel comfortable building a site on your own, you can always hire a developer. If you’d rather give it a shot on your own, you can use any one of the free themes available through its open-source marketplace. 

If you don’t have an entire server room available to protect and speed up your site, there are plenty of companies out there who can provide you with high-quality hosting services, whether your site gets 100 viewers a month or 100,000. Look for a hosting solution that doesn’t put caps on bandwidth, so you can grow your business without worrying about penalties. 

Make Your Site Yours

Some other platforms offer their customers the same 20 or 30 templates to build sites from. WordPress, on the other hand, is completely customizable. Choose from thousands of themes, free or premium, or hire a professional developer to create the site you’ve always wanted. 

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When you’re done, you’re not stuck with the same website for years and years either. Change products, pages, add posts, and more with a simple click. The options are endless when it comes to WordPress. 

Plus, there are a variety of plugins and platforms that can offer you specialty themes that you’d never have access to otherwise. Pressable provides all its customers with Jetpack Security Daily, a state-of-the-art WordPress management tool that gives access to hundreds of professionally designed themes, as well as security features, backups, performance management tools, and more. 

Growth Opportunities

Once you’ve got your site up and running, you’re going to want room to grow. After all, what’s the point of a business if you can’t expand? WordPress offers plenty of opportunities for growth that you won’t get with other platforms. Easily improve SEO with plugins like Yoast or Jetpack, grow your blog with weekly updates, or create a newsletter to inform customers about sales, offers, or new products.

Scale, Scale, Scale

The only limit to how big your site can grow is your imagination. Well, that and your hosting provider. Many hosts will set limits on how many pageviews a site can get, or how much bandwidth a site can use during a given time. This can cause trouble if you experience unexpected growth or a surge in traffic. 

Pressable, on the other hand, views overages as something to celebrate, not penalize. We provide overage forgiveness for your first month of overages. Our accounts team will reach out to you and see what we can do to help facilitate that growth. 

Security Is a Priority

When you run an online store, your customers trust you with their sensitive personal information, like credit card numbers, drivers license numbers, addresses, and more. This trust is important, and you need to do all you can to keep their information safe. 

When you build your eCommerce site with WordPress, there are plenty of features that can help lock that information up tight. WooCommerce itself is one of the most secure plugins out there, with constant updates and plenty of security features available. Add to that the security features and updates pushed out with WordPress and the WordPress core, and your site will be secure as ever. 

Your host should provide its own safety features, too. Look for a host that provides things like SSL certificates (if you don’t have one already), pushes updates from the WordPress core for you, and malware monitoring. Add to that all the features that come standard with Jetpack, and you’ve got a fortress that even the most seasoned hackers would think twice about infiltrating.

When you think about WordPress, you probably think about food writers or travel blogs, which couldn’t be further from the truth. WordPress is a vibrant, living platform whose only limit is the abilities of developers. There are plenty of opportunities for all sorts of businesses on the platform, including your eCommerce store. No matter what you’re selling (within reason, of course), there’s an opportunity on WordPress. But a platform is only half of the equation. You’ll need a great host to create the strong foundation your business can stand on. Learn more about Pressable’s solutions for hosting eCommerce websites here

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