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Pressable offers tons of great features on top of our powerful hosting platform, like free migrations, backups, and personalized onboarding. But perhaps the best feature we offer (and this isn’t subjective) is Jetpack Security Dailyfor free. That’s a $99 per year value per site! Jetpack Security Daily has numerous features and capabilities including automatic backups, site performance enhancements, malware scanning, security features, and much more.  We will break down some of our favorites below. 

Jetpack Backups

Pressable takes automatic daily backups of your sites and stores those backups for 30 days, but those backups are only available upon request to help@pressable.com and a restore can be completed within 24 hours.  When Jetpack Security Daily is properly activated, automatic backups are also stored within your WordPress.com account and are accessible to you at any time. You can easily download a local copy of your backups or, with just a couple of clicks, fully restore your site to one of those backups should something go wrong.  This is easily one of the greatest features of Jetpack Security Daily and we highly recommend that all Pressable customers take advantage of this offering.

Performance and Speed

Jetpack Security Daily includes performance-enhancement features such as static file hosting, image hosting, video hosting, and image lazy-loading.  You may not need to take advantage of all of these features – the benefits will depend on your particular website – but we have found that image lazy-loading and video hosting in particular can have a significant positive impact on the load times of your site.

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Image Lazy Loading

Let’s take an example test page created by us.  We built the page to be very image heavy with more than a dozen photos in the page content.  All of these images typically cause longer load times for the page because they all must be downloaded at the same time.  When image Lazy Loading is enabled however, only the images within the viewport are initially loaded. The other images further down the page aren’t loaded until the user scrolls them into view. 

When tested without lazy loading, these are the results:

When tested after Jetpack’s Lazy Loading has been enabled, look at how much faster the site performs – we shaved off almost a full second of the initial load time!

Video Hosting

Embedding a video from sources like YouTube and Vimeo is a quick-and-easy way to display a video within your website.  However those players need to download external scripts and files which can hamper the speed of your page. Some players might also include unwanted ads and branding.  By taking advantage of Jetpack’s free video hosting you display your videos within Jetpack’s video player free from ads and other branding, and the load times are significantly better.  You simply need to enable Jetpack’s high-speed, ad-free video player within the Performance options and you can begin uploading your MP4 files right away.  

Let’s compare the load times of a YouTube video embedded into our page, versus the same video being served from Jetpack.

Here are the load times with the YouTube video:

And after?

Not only is our page loading in one third of the time, the total page size was also reduced by over 50%!  And in our opinion, the player is much cleaner looking than alternatives.


Jetpack Security Daily also includes several built-in security features that can be individually enabled.  Features such as brute-force protection, downtime monitoring, secure authentication, automatic plugin updates, and activity logs.  With these enabled, you drastically increase the security of your website and help minimize the chances of malware and hacks.  Additionally, Jetpack Security Daily offers malware scanning – if anything suspicious is found on the server you will receive a notification right away.  Feel free to reach out to Pressable’s Support Team at help@pressable.com if you ever do receive a notification like this.  They will investigate and perform any necessary cleanups on your behalf!

Honorable Mentions

There are many other excellent features of Jetpack Security Daily that we haven’t touched on in this article.  Features such as:

  • Publicize Connections: Connect your website to the social media networks you use and share your content across all your social accounts with a single click. When you publish a post, it will appear on all connected accounts.
  • Sharing Buttons: Add sharing buttons so visitors can share your posts and pages on social media with a couple of quick clicks.
  • Ads: Show ads on the first article on your home page or at the end of every page and post. Place additional ads at the top of your site and to any widget area to increase your earnings.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Take control of the way search engines represent your site. With Jetpack’s SEO tools you can preview how your content will look on popular search engines and change items like your site name and tagline in seconds.
  • Mobile Theme: Give your site a fast-loading, streamlined look for mobile devices. Visitors will still see your regular theme on other screen sizes.

And much, much more.  Check out our Knowledge Base guide on how to activate your free copy of Jetpack Security Daily here: https://kb.pressable.com/article/enable-jetpack-premium/, and feel to reach out to our 24/7 support team if you have any additional questions about this great, free service.

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