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Time sure flies, doesn’t it? It feels like only yesterday we were ringing in the new year, shooting off fireworks, enjoying a date night on Valentine’s Day…but that time is long gone. It’s time to start fresh. Time to clean out the junk drawer of your website dashboard and setup some manageable goals to push toward in spring and summer. Here are a few tips to get organized, clean up your sites, and get them (and your business) running smoothly.

1) Reflect on Past Goals…

The new year is a great time to make resolutions, but let’s get real. Nine out of ten New Year’s resolutions don’t last past February first, and 67% of all statistics are completely made up. When it comes time to clean up your business for spring, clean up your goals from the last couple of months. Are you actually working to achieve your resolutions, or are they just causing you grief?


But don’t just dwell on the negative. You want to celebrate your wins, too! Spring usually marks the beginning of a new quarter, so look back on Q1 and find what goals you’ve really buckled down on. After all, if you don’t have anything to celebrate…you need to look a little harder.

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2) And Make Some New Ones.

Take a minute to make a list, find out what’s happening in your business, what goals you might want to drop, and what goals you’ll want to take another look at. The questions we like to ask are:

  • Which goals will have an immediate effect?
  • Which goals are the most reasonable?
  • Which goals need to be achieved before you can achieve others?

Make your list in order of what you need to achieve first. But also what’s most achievable. Tackle those goals first. The more goals you can achieve, the more likely you are to take on heavy, difficult tasks. Go on! You’ve got this.


2) Tidy up Your Digital Space

Now that you’ve got yourself in order, it’s time to take a look at your digital space. Icons piling up on your desktop? How about your website? Got a pile of plugin updates waiting in your dashboard? What about core updates, copy changes, or design updates? The more you put off (read as: the more you put in the ‘to-do pile’), the less you’re going to end up doing. Trust us. It’s a curse.


Do what you can do now, and make a plan for the rest of it. Updates? No problem. Setup your staging environment and get to updating. Heck, if you host with Pressable, we even take care of WP Core updates for you. There’s one you don’t even have to put on the list.

Take a look at your media files, too. Getting rid of unnecessary or unused files can help seriously boost load speeds. And who doesn’t want that?

On the personal side, clean out your trash, downloads, and other applications. That extra disk space will speed up your computer. Plus your phone! That app you downloaded just so you could enter that contest that one time six months ago and never opened again? Trash it. Thank us later.

3) …and Your Workspace

Whether you work from home or in an office, odds are that there’s been some serious clutter buildup since you last deep cleaned everything. A clean, organized space is an efficient space. Get rid of the mess, and get on with the rest. Look at it as a time to rearrange, too! A change of scenery can do your mind (and your work) wonders. Cleaning. It’s zen.


4) Update Your Security…

Every day, hackers and bad actors get new equipment and new ways of infiltrating your site, email, credit card, and any other personal account you have set up online. You should ideally update your security and passwords every month or so, but go ahead, add it to your spring cleaning list.


What else can you do? Activate two-factor authentication, of course. It’s one of the easiest ways to ensure your accounts are safe. That’s why we use two-factor authentication for our system (plus all the systems we use ourselves).

5) And Your Performance.

While cleaning and improving literally everything around you, take a look at your hosting service, too. Now’s a great time to take a look at the services you subscribe to and what can stay versus what needs to go. Like your managed WordPress host. See what services your present host offers compared to others, like Pressable. Up your performance (and your business’s future) with a simple click and make an appointment to chat with one of our experts. We’ll show you how Pressable stacks up to the competition and what tools we can offer your business to help you succeed.

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