The Top 3 WordPress CRM Plugins

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top wordpress crm plugins

Ever heard of customer relationship management (CRM) software? Maybe you’re already using it in your business.

Did you know you can add a WordPress CRM plugin that could do a better job?

CRM software connects every department in your company with your clients. Employees have real-time access to relevant information. The result blends together great customer care, pro-active marketing, and increased sales.

CRM solutions can yield $2.50-$5.60 ROI for every dollar you invest. Over 64% of businesses say they impact the bottom line. Sales departments even consider CRM as important as lead generators.

If your website runs WordPress, you can take advantage of some great CRM plugins.

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They’re designed to scale with your business on the Cloud. And all your data is hosted securely and shared with authorized staff only.

If you don’t currently have a WordPress site then read our WP guide. With WordPress running over a third of all websites, the platform is able to handle companies of all sizes. That includes yours!

We’ve examined dozens of CRM WordPress plugins and narrowed it down to the top three. Read on to discover which can best benefit your business.

1. SharpSpring

Rating: 5 stars
Price: Premium

SharpSpring brings together contact management, email marketing, dynamic forms, and statistics. It helps generate leads, build your customer base, and lets you analyze the results.

From the moment a visitor enters your site, SharpSpring tracks and engages with them. Interactive forms capture email addresses for your newsletter list. Email campaigns use a drag-and-drop interface to build responsive templates. Everything is seamless.

All captured data syncs with the built-in contact management software. You can segment your customers into lists and see how they interacted with your website. Contact records show a unified timeline that brings together the relevant data.

Every version of this plugin offers the following:

  • Full marketing automation
  • Behavior-based email newsletter campaigns
  • Contact database management
  • Anonymous VisitorID tracking
  • Analytics dashboard

SharpSpring’s secret weapon is the VisitorID feature. It uses behavioral-based tracking to identify what works and what doesn’t on your website. The hottest leads are emailed directly to your inbox daily.

The software is perfect for business owners of any size including agencies and enterprises. There are 10k websites using this great WordPress CRM plugin and support is available 24/7.


Rating: 4 1/2 stars
WordPress Version Required: 4.4+
Price: FREE and Premium

This resource planning software integrates human resource management, accounting, and CRM. It’s also modular so you can choose to disable a feature if you wish.

Although aimed at the enterprise market with 3000+ employees, the free Core Version can help SMBs by offering:

  • Employee profiles
  • Management of employee leave
  • Customer contact groups
  • Save search filters
  • Track income, expenses, payables, etc.
  • Full reporting

Because each module offers so much functionality it feels like three products in one. Each works with the other to provide a unified system. Additional plugins allow integrated secure payments, recruitment, and payroll.

It’s important that you review your WordPress plugins on a regular basis. Each one needs to be updated when new releases become available. That’s why it’s a good idea to only install what you need.

WP ERP lets you add what you want when you want at a price you can afford. Visit wperp.com/downloads for extensions such as HR training for only $39. These are designed to work with WP ERP out of the box.

Finally, there’s an extra module for project management. This separate plugin offers to-do lists, milestones, messages, and file sharing. Search for WP Project Manager in WordPress’s plugins page to download.

3. Groundhogg

Rating: 4 stars
WordPress Version Required: 4.9+
Price: FREE and Premium

Don’t let the cute mascot fool you. Groundhogg simplifies the difficult task of marketing through automation.

When the customer journey begins at your website, this plugin creates a funnel for them to follow. Using a combination of 18 actions and triggers, rambling visitors turn into paying customers.

The main features include:

  • Personalized email marketing
  • Simple to complex sales funnels
  • Contact collection through web forms
  • Detailed tracking and reporting
  • GDPR & CASL compliance

The key advantage of this WordPress client management plugin is automated funnels.

A sales funnel leads a website visitor through several steps until they buy or sign-up for something. You select these steps or benchmarks that provoke a response.

For example, a visitor fills out a contact form. A matching pre-filled email template is sent for further engagement. When the visitor replies, further benchmarks activate. This continues until the sale completes or the customer disengages.

Traditional systems involved human intervention to send emails. Groundhogg takes care of it for you!

Over 1,000 businesses use Groundhogg to manage their marketing and sales. There’s a two-week free trial for the premium features and a full support section on their website.

The Runners-Up

Although the plugins listed above met the top marks, these CRM plugins are well worth checking out.

Brilliant Web-to-Lead for Salesforce

If your business already uses Salesforce CRM, then this plugin links it and your website. No more copying and pasting between screens. No more missing leads.

It’s rated 4 1/2 stars and has 7,000+ active installs.


CRM casts a wide net so if you need a support ticketing system visit this plugin.

The helpdesk software is easy to configure and has 10k active users. It’s rated 4 1/2 stars and the free version has unlimited tickets.

Zero BS WordPress CRM

No-nonsense CRM designed for entrepreneurs. It’s really easy to set-up and use. Clients range from yoga teachers to personal trainers to non-profit. Totally free 4 1/2 star plugin.

Build Better Customer Relationships with WordPress CRM

There are plenty of WordPress CRM plugins available, each offering different functionality. Explore the three in this article first then research the others. You know your business best so filter out those that don’t match your needs.

If you’re concerned about how to integrate CRM into your WP site then we’re here to help.

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