New Feature Alert: Amsterdam Datacenter

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A few weeks back, Pressable introduced a control panel feature that allowed you to select your primary datacenter. Now, we’re excited to announce that a fourth datacenter – located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands – is now available.

While this feature affords you greater control over website performance, choosing a specific datacenter is entirely optional. If you choose “No Preference,” the Pressable algorithm will select the best WordPress managed hosting datacenter available. As is usual, your sites have multi-region redundancy and automatic failover to ensure reliability and availability.

Should I Use the Amsterdam Datacenter?

If a majority of your web traffic comes from Europe, Africa, Russia, the Middle East or Central Asia, the new Amsterdam datacenter will be your ideal choice. To see if a majority of your traffic comes from these areas,  login to Google Analytics and click Audience > Geo > Location. The map and legend you will provide insights into which countries and regions provide you with the most visitors.

Need Help Selecting Your Datacenter?

The Amsterdam server is up and ready to use today. If you need help selecting it, just chat with a Pressable customer success representative by logging onto the my.pressable.com dashboard and clicking on the orange icon at the bottom right hand of your screen. You can also email us at any time at help@pressable.com.

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