3 Reasons to Change Your WordPress Host Provider

how to change hosting providers for wordpress

Bills that just keep getting bigger. Wait times with support that just keep getting longer. And your websites just never seem to load. Do any of these sound familiar to you? Then you’re probably sick and tired of your current managed WordPress host. Is it time to switch to a new one? Here are three of the biggest reasons to change your WordPress host. 

1. You’re Getting Subpar Support

Nobody likes subpar support, whether you’re talking about building materials or managed WordPress hosting. We hear complaints from new customers all the time about the level of support they received at their previous host. 

‘I had to keep submitting tickets for the same problem over and over again.’ 

‘The support team just didn’t know what they were talking about.’ 

We’re PHP and WordPress experts. After all, there’s no sense in being in the managed WordPress hosting game if we’re not experts. But we don’t know everything. That’s why we’re always learning, staying on the cutting edge of WordPress technology, updates, and security. 

We also pride ourselves on going above and beyond just hosting support. It’s not uncommon for our team to go all the way to plugin developers themselves to see if they’re aware of an underlying issue. And since we’re experts with all aspects of WordPress and PHP, we know whether or not a support ticket is hosting-related. We’ll gladly direct you toward a fix––and sometimes even fix it ourselves. Why? Because you shouldn’t have to put up with anything less than great support, whether it’s our fault or not. 

2. You’re Getting Subpar Performance

Did you know that 40% of visitors leave a website if it doesn’t load within three seconds of clicking? One second can mean the difference between losing a sale or gaining a customer for life. Why would you trust that much responsibility to an underperforming host? 

Instead, trust your business to a host that knows WordPress like the back of its hand (if it had one). Pressable is part of the Automattic family. That means we gain access to the same technology used at WordPress.com and WordPress VIP: data centers across the globe, redundancy on a worldwide scale, and scalability that can’t be beat. Your sites won’t perform as good anywhere else. 

3. You’re Paying too Much

When it comes to managed WordPress hosting, there are plenty of options to choose from. There’s GoDaddy, Siteground, BlueHost…then there are the big dogs: Kinsta and WP Engine. Chances are, if you’re not hosting with Pressable, you’re hosting with one of these powerhouses. But, like home or auto insurance, once you find a hosting provider, you usually stick with them. Even if you could be getting a better deal somewhere else, even if the service could be better, or your website speeds could double or triple what they are, you stay where you’re comfortable. Looking at the numbers all in one place, though, could quickly change your mind.

WP Engine – 10-site Plan

  • $115/month
  • 100k visits/month
  • 20GB Storage
  • 200GB Bandwidth

Kinsta – 10-site Plan

  • $200/month
  • 250k visits/month
  • 40GB Storage
  • 300GB Bandwidth

Pressable – 10-site Plan

  • $90/month 
  • 150k visits/month
  • 50GB Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

With everything you know about Pressable, the unmatched performance, the five-star support, the added value you get with Jetpack Security Daily, and our free global CDN, there’s a clear winner when it comes to pricing, performance, and support. Would you rather pay $450 a year for industry-leading hosting, or $1300+ with competitors? The choice is up to you. 

How to Change Your WordPress Host Provider

Interested in learning more about how Pressable compares to your current host? Set up a demo of our platform to see it for yourself. Our expert team would be glad to show you what you’re missing. 

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Amanda Nadhir

Amanda serves as the Head of Sales and Enablement for Pressable. She's worked in the tech space for well over a decade and has spent the majority of that time building/training/leading teams. She loves travel and adventure and when she's not working, you can find her spending time with her family, lounging pool/beach-side, playing tennis, working out, and meeting people/making friends all along the way!

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