4 Reasons to Consolidate WordPress Hosting

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reasons to consolidate wordpress hosting

Are you hosting all of the managed WordPress hosted websites you develop on different platforms? We’ve just got one question: why? Is it because you got a ‘special deal’ once? Is it because your different developers prefer different solutions? Did a client request a certain provider, or is it just because

Whatever reason, there’s a better way. Consolidate your WordPress hosting to a single provider and you, and your clients, could save big. Here are four great  reasons to consolidate your WordPress hosting.

Save Time

Updates are a fact of life when it comes to WordPress. You have to update your sites if you want to keep your and your clients’ information safe. Ready for some math? Let’s do it. Each site gets an average of…let’s say two plugin updates a week. That’s 50 updates a week. And that’s not even including WordPress Core updates! You’ll have to hire a whole new person just to update sites. 

If you consolidated your WordPress sites onto one hosting platform, you could streamline your updating process and save your company time. No more spending hours and hours just logging in to different control panels. All your sites will be conveniently located in one spot. And the right host will even take care of some updates as part of their service. 

The Pressable team updates the WordPress core and WooCommerce plugin for you. For an eCommerce site, this can be a huge time saver. That’s a whole person’s worth of work you can take off your team’s plate. And a whole person’s worth of expense, too. 

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Save Money

If you’re paying for single-plan hosting packages at separate providers at $25 a month (and $25/month is pretty generous!), you’re actually paying $625 a month on hosting 25 sites across 25 different platforms. That’s $7,500 a year, just for hosting! 

You could do things that way, or you could consolidate your hosting plans onto one platform, like Pressable. We have a variety of plans, from one site to as many as you need, all with varying features and pageview allotments. Our 30-site plan (perfect for an agency that has and hosts 25 sites) costs only $135/month. Sign up for a full year and you’ll get two months free. Add to that a whole slew of added value features like free Jetpack Security Daily (a $99/year value), a free subscription to WP101 (a $99 value), and free SSL certificates with Let’s Encrypt (~$50/year value), plus so much more, and you’ve got a deal you can’t afford to miss. 

Improve Performance

When a client comes to you asking how fast you can make their website perform, you don’t want to answer with ‘It depends.’ You want to be able to give them definitive proof that you can make their website run faster, scale better, and more secure.

When you host your client’s sites on separate hosting platforms, you just can’t give them a perfect answer. They’re all running on a different CDN, with different security resources, and different server infrastructures. When you consolidate to one hosting provider, you know each one of your sites will be running with the same stability and reliability. They’ll enjoy the same level of security. Plus you’ll have just a single point of contact to deal with if you need help from customer service or support

Help Your Clients

We’ve got a running joke that Pressable is the ‘best-kept secret in WordPress.’ We didn’t give ourselves this title. No, we heard it from so many of our customers that we adopted it as our unofficial motto. A lot of people choose the hosting platforms they’re on because it’s the only one they know. One well-placed PPC ad in Google and your clients have found a host for life. No matter what kind of support they receive or how bad performance is, they’ve got a host and that’s all they care about. 

You can help them by suggesting an alternative: a global leader in speed and performance, a safe, secure platform that provides SSL certificates and malware detection for free, and a team of WordPress experts ready 24/7 to help if something goes wrong. Switch your client’s sites to Pressable, where WordPress works best, and start saving time and money today. 


Not sure if Pressable is right for you? Take a personalized, guided tour of our platform and see what we can do to help your business grow. 

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