5 Best Plugins for Your WooCommerce Store

Do you already have a thriving WooCommerce store? Or are you considering launching your new store using WooCommerce?

It’s a safe bet, considering millions of online stores worldwide are powered by WooCommerce. It offers users to build and operate an online store for free, rather than paying monthly as many other e-commerce platforms require.

Plus, it’s easy to use and customize. Using many of the free and paid plugins available for the platform, you can get your website to do anything you need to.

Wondering what the top WooCommerce plugins are? Want to discover easy ways to optimize your online store for your customers? Keep reading to find out.

1. Booster for WooCommerce

Looking to give your online store a massive boost? Booster is one of the most popular WooCommerce plugins and is packed full of features to optimize and customize your shop.

With over 100 different features, you have control over what you utilize and ignore. The features you disable won’t slow down your site, so no worries there.

Use it to add multiple currencies and currency exchange rates for international customers. Edit your add-to-cart buttons and add labels to product listings.

Booster allows you to customize your cart and checkout screens, collecting only the information needed. This simplification can make it easier for customers to purchase, boosting conversion rates.

The Booster plugin also allows you to customize your shipping settings, invoicing and packing slips, allows you to automate emails with WooCommerce, and much more. This plugin is foundational for both new and experienced shop owners.

2. WooCommerce Direct Checkout

Speaking of making it easier for customers to place an order, Direct Checkout offers a straightforward solution. Normally, sites require a customer to add a product to their cart, then view their cart, then go to checkout. This plugin skips the cart process taking users directly to checkout.

Another option you can test on your site is adding a “Go to Checkout” button directly on the product page. For sites where a large portion of their orders contain a single product, this option is worth testing to see if it increases conversions.

Either way, the fewer obstacles in the way of customers making a purchase, the better.

3. WITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier

When it comes to e-commerce, images are worth a thousand words. People are taking a risk when purchasing online, hoping the product looks, feels, and functions the way they hope.

While you can describe a product all you want, people want to see high-quality images before they pull out their credit cards. And nothing is more frustrating than product images that do not show enough detail.

The WITH Zoom Magnifier plugin solves this issue by making it very simple to offer zoom-in functionality on your product images. This is very important for those who sell products with any degree of complexity, or collectible and used items.

When it comes to clothing, many people want to zoom in to see what the material looks like up close. Clothing is one of the largest e-commerce industries, but because people cannot try them on or feel the material, return rates are very high.

Returns are costly for store owners and frustrating for customers. To reduce their likelihood, you want to give customers as much information, and as many detailed images as possible. Because most reputable online stores offer this, customers will expect it from you.

4. Variation Swatches

Product pages tend to sell more when they are image-heavy rather than word-heavy. This includes product imagery and other aspects of the page as well.

If you offer products with various options, such as different colors or patterns, you should use the Variation Swatches. Rather than having a dropdown menu listing options such as, “Red, Blue, Violet,” you can display a visual representation of the color.

The swathes most users are used to are little circles that represent the color or pattern of a particular variation. This makes it easier for customers to find the option they prefer.

This is especially important for stores that sell clothing or components such as bike parts.

5. Affiliate Royale

Looking for easy ways to sell more products without having to do all the marketing by yourself? Want to reward your best customers for referring their friends?

The Affiliate Royale plugin lets you launch a full-scale, easy-to-manage affiliate program. Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing available today.

Use the plugin to generate unique referral links to those interested in participating. As they send traffic your way, you can easily monitor their clicks, sales made by their referred customers, and payments to your affiliates.

While the plugin isn’t free, it offers you one of the best strategies to boost sales and grow revenue, without having to do all of the work yourself. It only takes a few minutes to launch your affiliate program using this plugin. Once it’s ready, you can reach out to bloggers, influencers, and content creators in your industry.

More Ways to Boost Your WooCommerce Store

If you’ve been managing your store for a while now, there are probably other plugins you are already using. These foundation plugins make your website functional and allow customers to find it.

This would include Stripe, the main credit card processing plugin used by WooCommerce sites. You should also be using the Yoast SEO plugin, ensuring each page and product on your website is ready to show up in search engines like Google.

It also helps to offer live chat on your website, as well as integrating your email marketing platform with WooCommerce. Many plugins are available to add this functionality.

Upgrade Your WooCommerce Store Today

There are so many incredible plugins available for your WooCommerce store. If you are missing a specific functionality on your store, there is probably a plugin available.

Are you an aspiring store owner looking to launch your website soon? Your first step is to build your website, which needs to be hosted by a company that cares.

Pressable offers premium managed WordPress hosting for WooCommerce websites. We were built by the same people that built WooCommerce and WordPress.com.

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