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At a time when any other hosting company would have said “fix it yourself”, Pressable’s team just dove in and fixed all of our sites. We broke something, and they fixed it. No questions asked. Like badasses.

- Lani Rosales, COO at The American Genius

What are the Best Enterprise-Level Hosting Plans for WordPress?

They pride themselves on their platform being secure, scalable, and providing great performance. On the enterprise-level end of the spectrum (as they have entry-level setups as well), their hosting plans are fully customizable, allowing each customer to build their own hosting solution depending on their needs.

- Karol K, WinningWP

Pressable has been a game changer for our agency clients. We’ve been using another service provider for many years, mainly because the price was right and the tools were better than others. But Pressable has all that and REAL support by REAL people. Simple setup, quick responses to questions and 10X faster performance awaited our first migration. Oh, and that Pressable migration was a snap. We recommend Pressable to all our clients as the first choice for managed WordPress hosting.

- Scott Herring, Lead Dog at Twisted Puppy

First thing Pressable’s team asked for was feedback, and we provided it. Less than 24 hours later, the feature we requested was live! Needless to say, our team was thrilled!

- Scott Beale, Founder of Laughing Squid