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Design, build, and launch amazing websites on a managed WordPress hosting platform created specifically for and by WordPress lovers.

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Where WordPress Works Best

Did you know Pressable is created and run by the same minds that brought you WordPress.com, WooCommerce, and Jetpack? Host with us and discover the difference a true WordPress-optimized host can mean for reliability, performance, security, and support.

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The Right Host For Your Website

Regardless of who you are, Pressable has a WordPress hosting plan to fit your specific needs.

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The Right Price For Your Budget

With Pressable, you’ll find affordable WordPress hosting plans backed by 24/7 expert support, 99.999% guaranteed uptime, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Don’t see a plan that’s right for you? We’ve got you covered!

We have a wide variety of plan sizes to fit your needs. Browse our full list of plans or use our “Find Your Fit” tool to get the best suggestion.

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Sell Online with WooCommerce Hosting

Open your e-commerce store - or optimize the performance of an existing one - with WooCommerce and Pressable. Our exclusive WooCommerce plans make it easy to start selling online and provide the performance, security, and uptime you need to succeed.

The Right Features For Your Success


Performance is a crucial consideration when choosing a managed WordPress hosting provider. By hosting your websites on Pressable, you get all the benefits of the fastest and most reliable network for WordPress and WooCommerce sites. Plus, our global CDN, built-in caching, 99.999% uptime guarantee, and free automatic failover ensure your websites always perform at their very best.

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Whether you have a blog, an e-commerce store, or an enterprise-level website, security is something you need to be concerned about. Pressable delivers peace of mind with daily backups, regular malware, and threat scanning, free SSL certificates, and much more. Plus, every account comes with Jetpack Security Daily (a $239/year value) for enhanced WordPress security and protection.

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Developer Tools

Novices and experienced professionals alike love Pressable because we make it super-simple to build and launch great WordPress and WooCommerce websites. Our intuitive control panel makes it easy to create new websites, manage daily backups, change site settings, and much more. Plus, Pressable is compatible with various plugins and themes, giving you tremendous freedom to express your vision.

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Managed WordPress hosting is supposed to make your life easier. If there’s ever an issue, the last thing you want to hear is, “We don’t support that.” Pressable provides one-click, around-the-clock access to a team of friendly WordPress and WooCommerce experts. Additionally, you get access to Knowledgebase resources and WP101 training designed to expand your knowledge of WordPress.

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The 24/7 Online Support You Deserve

Need to reach out to us with questions or for help? You’ll connect with a real-world WordPress expert who is available day or night to provide assistance and ensure your websites are up and running the way they’re supposed to be.

Pressable Hosting Offers 24/7 Online WordPress Support | Pressable

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Put simply, we take care of all of the technical tasks that come along with hosting so you don’t have to. This includes:

  • WordPress core and WooCommerce updates
  • Proactive network and server security
  • Automatic failover and server redundancy
  • Content delivery and automatic caching
  • Daily website backups

And, because we only host WordPress and WooCommerce websites, our platform is optimized for best performance and our 5-star support team can provide expertise for ensuring your website runs its absolute best.

Which Pressable Plan Is Right for Me?

We offer a variety of value-rich WordPress and WooCommerce hosting plans and customization options. The plan you choose should be based on the number of sites that need to be hosted, how much storage you will need for your website, and how many visitors you estimate will come to your website in a month.

If you would like to speak with a Pressable team member about customizing a plan or getting a demonstration of our platform, please start a live chat with our sales team.

Can You Move My Site to Your Servers?

Absolutely. We offer 100% free migrations of your WordPress website to our hosting platform. Just sign up for a plan and get in touch with support to get started.

Will My Site Perform Better on Pressable?

Our platform is tuned and optimized to deliver the best possible level of speed and reliability. Most subscribers see a significant improvement in performance after migrating to our platform. Plus, you can contact our support team for advice on how to get the most out of your WordPress site.

What’s the Difference Between Your WordPress and WooCommerce Plans?

The most basic difference is that our Woo plans come with WooCommerce pre-installed and ready to go. But, they also offer:

  • More visitors and storage per month than similar WordPress plans
  • Support from WooCommerce specialists
  • Optimized WooCommerce performance

Start a live chat with our sales team for more information or to get a demo of our WooCommerce plans.

Do You Offer Website Backups?

Pressable takes backups of your site every 24 hours. If you need your site restored, send us an email via help@pressable.com.

We also offer one-click restores through Jetpack Security Daily, which is free on every Pressable subscription. Jetpack Security Daily will backup your site every 24 hours as well, and, via Jetpack's Activity Log, you can restore your site and download a backup of your site, whenever you want.

Does Pressable Offer Phone Support?

Pressable doesn’t offer phone support. That's not a bad thing: phone support can actually be a hindrance to customer service when it comes to technical issues. Click here to learn why online support is ultimately better.

While you do get to speak to a human being, you get much better assistance from online support systems.

Does Pressable Offer Email Hosting?

Pressable does not offer email hosting. We recommend using a third-party email provider, such as GSuite, Outlook or Zoho. Zoho is free for a limited number of accounts.

Do You Support Multisite?

We support a subdirectory multisite setup. If you are using a subdomain setup, then we are unable to support your multisite. Don’t know how your multisite is set up? Click here to learn how to find out.

How Is Pressable’s Platform Different from the Competition?

Our data network was created (and is maintained) by the same minds behind WordPress.com, WooCommerce, and WordPress VIP. That means true, 100% WordPress experts are keeping your website up, running, and secured.

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