A Review from The WP Minute: Why Choose Pressable for Managed WordPress Hosting

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Solid WordPress hosting can be difficult to find, but short-form WordPress news podcast The WP Minute recently featured Pressable as one of its top choices for managed WordPress hosting

According to the show’s website, Pressable stands out in the so-called “blue ocean” of WordPress hosting companies for its ease of use, great support, and fair pricing structure. For most business owners, that’s what finding a WordPress hosting provider is all about, according to the show’s site. 

In this post, we review some of the stand-out Pressable features mentioned in the show in our own words and include some specific call outs from the show.

Stability and Ease of Use

With incredible uptime and infinite scalability, Pressable is a stable and straightforward hosting solution with features… — such as a user-friendly control panel and intuitive dashboard — perfect for busy website owners who don’t want to spend their days figuring out how to perform basic web design and publishing tasks. 

User-Friendly Control Panel

Pressable’s user-friendly control panel saves business owners ample amounts of both time and frustration. When building a website, the focus should be placed on its design, as opposed to worrying about how to access any necessary features. 

To that end, the Pressable control panel is easy to navigate, consisting of a set of tabs that encompass everything you need in one place, including:

  • Site backup and restoration
  • Domain and collaborator management
  • PHP error logs 
  • Site performance reports

The control panel provides a complete overview of your sites, so you can always rest assured they are functioning properly. 

Intuitive Dashboard

Pressable provides all users with a modern dashboard that allows easy access to all its hosting features. Whether it’s an organization’s first website or its 50th, the intuitive Pressable dashboard provides unmatched comfort and ease of navigation, allowing users to accomplish most tasks in just a few clicks.

The WP Minute’s Matt Medeiros recognized the benefits of a simple, intuitive dashboard. He said: 

“There’s a certain comfort in the Pressable dashboard experience that doesn’t make me feel alarmed or uncertain that I might not find what I need, when I need it.”

Helpful Features

Building a website shouldn’t be a cumbersome experience, and fortunately, Pressable’s features cater to quelling common user frustrations. The dashboard gives users the power to:

Each of these features helps to protect brands and keep businesses running.

No-Fuss Approach

Business owners have enough on their plates. In response, Pressable aims to deliver a no-fuss approach to WordPress website management, providing unfettered access to each site so users can accomplish all administrative work in one place. The dashboard design and the platform’s other features keep business needs at the forefront, ensuring everything is streamlined and easy to work with.

Cloning and Staging Your Sites

Website staging allows developers to make changes “in the dark” and test them in private so those changes don’t break the site. Below, discover how Pressable’s cloning and staging features can help deliver the experience that customers expect.

Staging Workflow

Typical site-staging options include manual creation, using plug-ins or developer tools, and using a hosting provider. Unfortunately, those first two options can be time-consuming and won’t always benefit the business owner. 

In contrast, Pressable delivers a well-implemented staging workflow for managed WordPress hosting that allows for new WordPress user experiences and website features to be tested before going live, which can be done in one click.

Nuances of Staging and Cloning

With Pressable, a staging website can either be a fresh install or a clone of another site. In either case, all users need to do is toggle the dashboard’s staging button. Staging sites aren’t linked to any other site, so there’s never a need to worry about making mistakes and pushing changes to a live site too early. 

Pressable also offers compatibility testing in staging mode, so if you want to test an upcoming WordPress release, for instance, you can change your staging site to a beta version of a future WordPress version. Pressable’s staging features work beautifully alongside cloning, and you can clone a live or staging site. Furthermore, staged sites don’t count against your plan limits. 

Seamless Transitions

Pressable offers seamless transitions from staging to production sites. Instead of pushing a staging site into live mode, businesses can simply replace their live site with a full-featured staging site by:

  • Deleting the domain from the live site
  • Converting the staging site to a live site
  • Adding the domain to the new live site

If the domain points to Pressable using an A record, it must be verified to be pointing to the correct IP address in the Pressable dashboard, which is all done via Pressable’s intuitive, user-friendly dashboard.

A Confident Choice for Teams and Brands

With Pressable WordPress hosting for website developers, website development doesn’t have to be frustrating and time-consuming. Pressable offers many features that make it easy to keep businesses on track and help them continue working toward their goals.

Suitable for Small Teams

Pressable is particularly applicable for small teams and organizations. Because of guaranteed 100% uptime and impeccable security, small businesses don’t need to worry about lost sales or data breaches. 

As Matt from The WP Minute said, “Pressable is a dependable choice for those of us working with small teams or part of an organization that takes their hosting procedures seriously.” He said:

“From collaborators, to the tagging & management of apps, Pressable isn’t just solving for a great hosting experience, but a great management experience too. When your boss wants to know how many staging sites you have, or how many sites the product team has, you can quickly sort and get that view. If the financing team wants access to pay the bill, but you don’t want them spinning up new WordPress websites, you can handle it with collaborator roles.”

Pressable provides a straightforward setup that is easy and intuitive to use yourself, so your team doesn’t have to invest in a website management service. Plan options are plentiful, which means Pressable can grow with you as your business expands.

The platform offers 24/7 support on all plans, which is especially important for those without a dedicated IT team member. It helps save even more by offloading the work of maintaining expensive infrastructure with a managed WP hosting plan.


Pressable makes it easy to collaborate with others on a website by sharing credentials with designers and developers. The platform can grant site-specific access to MyPressable, wp-admin, SFTP, and PHPMyAdmin from the dashboard. 

Collaborators will receive a welcome email to join the team. When they do, you’ll maintain complete control of the user permissions while they only receive access to the sites and sections you’ve permitted. You can change or remove user permissions at any time.


Pressable makes the following reports available on the MyPressable control panel:

  • Site listing report
  • Site usage report
  • Collaborators report
  • DNS records report
  • Site performance report

You can review these reports in the dashboard or send them directly to an inbox. Either way, you always know what’s going on with your site. Matt noted the benefit of being able to get these reports and get them quickly on the show.

Meeting All Needs

Pressable can meet the needs of various stakeholders within an organization. Finance teams can choose from a variety of plans that fit the budget. Design teams can get all the technical help they need from Pressable support. And compliance teams can rest assured that security is a priority at Pressable.

In other words, just about every member of a business’s team will find Pressable’s many features helpful in their day-to-day operations.

Industry Standards

Pressable websites live on Automattic’s WP Cloud, which optimizes the speed, uptime, and security of WordPress sites. Automattic’s mission is to make publishing and commerce easy for everyone. Similarly, Pressable commits to meeting and exceeding industry standards and expectations so all users can build beautiful, functional sites without hassle or delay.

Easy WordPress Management for Every Team

As a supporter of all things WordPress, Pressable is a proud sponsor of The WP Minute. Thank you, Matt, for your amazing review. We appreciate your detailed feedback and are always working to make Pressable the absolute best it can be. We agree that people should give us a try. They won’t be disappointed.If your team is ready to take your website development experience to the next level, try it out with MyPressable Playground and experience the difference an industry-leading hosting provider can make.

Amanda Nadhir

Amanda serves as the Head of Sales and Enablement for Pressable. She's worked in the tech space for well over a decade and has spent the majority of that time building/training/leading teams. She loves travel and adventure and when she's not working, you can find her spending time with her family, lounging pool/beach-side, playing tennis, working out, and meeting people/making friends all along the way!

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