Pressable was founded in May, 2010 in sunny San Antonio, Texas with the goal of creating a scalable, secure and performant WordPress hosting platform that users could trust to deliver remarkable online experiences.

Today, organizations of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 1000 companies, rely on Pressable to share branded content and deliver engaging online shopping experiences with millions of users worldwide.


Chris Lauzon

Chief Executive Officer

Chris is proud to help lead the day-to-day operations of Pressable. He is a member of Automattic and had previously been a Director of Support and Operations at several start ups. Chris loves helping people with their WordPress sites. In his free time, Chris enjoys running, Star Wars, beer, and tacos.

Jeff Mulholland

Chief Operating Officer

Jeff is organized, intent and earnest in ensuring Pressable delivers remarkable customer experiences. As Chief Operating Officer, it’s up to him to ensure that every interaction with Pressable delights. Jeff also leads our continuous improvement efforts to make sure that we’re making things better for our customers every day. When he’s not helping make Pressable better, Jeff enjoys parenting, marriage and spending time in the mountains of West Texas.

Roberto Villarreal

Director of Support

Rob is conscientious, caring and committed to helping developers achieve their vision with WordPress. As the leader of our support organization, he’s responsible for educating, empowering and recognizing our support team and ensuring that we hold ourselves to the highest standards of servant leadership. He’s also been known to roll up his sleeves and successfully troubleshoot some thorny WordPress and WooCommerce issues. On his off time Rob enjoys pizza, LEGOs and playing Minecraft with his two amazing kids.

Claudia Cuento

Director of Sales and Partnerships

Claudia is a smart and hard working individual who strives for positive outcomes for our customers. She leads our Sales efforts, and it’s up to her to make sure that Pressable stands above the rest for our customers. Although she would deny it if asked, she is also an undercover ‘Data Nerd’, tracking our customers feedback and developing new procedures to ensure efficiency within our business. Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her wonderful husband and family, Instagramming pictures of her adorable dog, and maintaining her household title of 'Chopped Champion’.

Oliver Garcia

Director of Software Development

Oliver is passionate, always learning, and a big picture thinker who is constantly looking for new ways to improve Pressable's application infrastructure. As a senior software engineer, he helps deliver key innovations that improve Pressable's performance and user experience. In his free time Oliver plays classical guitar, Skyrim and geeks out on mathematics.

Zach Charo

Customer Success Agent

Zach is an attentive and creative problem solver who is quick with a smile or a funny joke to brighten up your day. As a customer success agent, it’s Zach’s job to dig deep into customer issues and ensure we deliver on our promise to keep WordPress sites running fast no matter what. When he’s not busy neutralizing script kiddies, shutting down spam bots or optimizing stores, Zach enjoys playing guitar, fixing cars, HAM radio, watching old movies, and hanging out with his amazing wife.

Darrell Yeoman

Customer Success Agent

Darrell is a tireless problem solver with years of experience with WordPress and eCommerce. Darrell roots out WordPress issues to ensure that customer sites are up and running at maximum efficiency. When he’s not busy squashing bugs, Darrell enjoys volunteer work, karaoke and spending time with his dog, Baxter.

Brooke Dukes

Customer Success Agent

Brooke, a west coast native, currently resides in Seattle, WA. After Brooke received a degree in graphic design she learned she was more passionate about people than pixels. Even so, she still can't pass up a good conversation about design. When she isn't engineering some happiness you will find her cycling, enjoying vegetarian food with friends and family.

Mike Price

Customer Success Agent

Mike is passionate about supporting Pressable's customers. He's equally comfortable performing WordPress migrations and troubleshooting technical issues. When Mike isn't helping Pressable's customers, he enjoys watching Spurs games, eating Tex-Mex and exploring San Antonio, TX. Mike loves all things Taiwanese and hopes to visit the island again soon.