Adding Automation to Your WordPress Site – Part II

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As the preceding post on automation revealed, the addition of simple plugins to your WordPress site can go a long way to relieving you of time-consuming maintenance work. In this post we’ll delve deeper into adding automation to your WordPress site, and take a look at a case study of a business which adopted the Lingotek PolyLang plugin to provide translations of their services on their website. We’ll also demystify automation services and provide an overview of two of the top services available.

Plugin case study: Lingotek and PolyLang plugin

WordPress users who only offer English on their blog or website can only reach a fraction of potential site visitors. A European Commission study showed that many individuals avoid browsing or buying from websites that are not in their native tongue. Plugins can automate translation, thus extending your WordPress site’s reach.

Lingotek works in conjunction with the Polylang plugin to offer straightforward automated translation for WordPress. The Lingotek/Polylang plugin automates the creation and maintenance of a multilingual website, allowing you to write posts, pages and categories in your native tongue, then translates to the languages of your choice.

There are three levels of translation profile available: free automatic, community, or professional. You can associate different content with different translation profiles, and the plugin carries out the appropriate workflow.

For LightPath Technologies, an integrated manufacturer and distributor of infrared and optical components, effective, accurate automated translation of their WordPress site content was essential to ensure consistency between their Chinese and English homepages. Using the Lingotek – Inside WordPress Plugin, Lightpath Technologies noted the following benefits as a result of translation automation:

  • Improved access, control, and visibility
  • Increased time saved
  • Streamlined communication
  • Greater efficiency
  • The potential to develop new business

Kimberly Clifton, director of sales operations and marketing for LightPath Technologies, explains, “All of these things make for cost savings on some level.”

Automation services

In addition to plug-ins, there are also services that can automate multiple processes simultaneously.

Zapier allows you to create connections, pushing data from one app to your WordPress site and vice versa using triggers and actions. Each connection, made of a single trigger and a single action, is called a “Zap” and is fully automatic. Zapier currently integrates with more than 1000 Internet apps (and counting), and in particular, makes social media automation very straightforward. When you combine Zapier with WordPress, you can automatically share, create, and keep track of new content and posts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, promote events, and build your email list, to name only a few benefits.

Pressable is a premium managed WordPress hosting service, designed to keep your WordPress site running flawlessly and efficiently. Pressable offers site migration, speed and performance optimization, backups and security. Pressable have also just released their API (application programming interface) to further automate and revolutionize their clients’ workflow. Those who are Pressable customers can integrate Pressable functionality into their site via the public-facing API. This means that if you’re signed up with Pressable, you can create your own interface and customer portal that is powered by Pressable but branded and personalized to your website’s needs. The API can also enhance efficiency, grow your WordPress agency, control your site, manage your account, and remove collaborators from your command line, to help your business thrive.

Convinced of the benefits of automation now?

WordPress has a range of free, easy to install, open-source plugins you can try out right now.

  • Title Experiments Free allows you to test different variations of your site’s titles and check click-through rates.
  • Easy Testimonials to add testimonials to your site. Testimonials can help generate up to 62% more revenue.
  • Jetpack supports customization of your WordPress website design, marketing, and security, all in one plugin. Jetpack Security Daily also conveniently comes with Pressable’s Personal and higher plans, which is an amazing benefit.

Alex Leybovich

Alex Leybovich

Guest Author

Serial entrepreneur, Marine Corps veteran, and ADDY award-winning developer, Alex started Auden Digital to help his clients build sustainable businesses while sponsoring wounded warriors and those with PTSD in retreats and treatment programs.

After working for Keller Williams Realty International, Yahoo!, and the Department of Labor, he established a digital marketing agency that coaches entrepreneurs and veterans to provides them with automated marketing efforts to build for a sustainable future.

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