Pressable - A True Partnership

To help support and guide you through the move away from Adobe Business Catalyst

We understand your situation

This isn’t just about losing your hosting environment when Adobe Business Catalyst sunsets. You’re likely going to have to learn (or get a quick refresher) on an entirely new CMS platform, not to mention managing client expectations. You’re also probably looking for ongoing resources and a community of support once all the dust settles and you’ve moved to a new platform like WordPress.

At Pressable we want to be a true partner, in every sense of the word.

Providing quality hosting and expert customer care is our baseline for success. As ambassadors of WordPress, we are fully immersed in this open source community, and we have curated a library of partners that can help you not just transition to WordPress, but thrive in it.

At Pressable, we believe in options, collaboration, and partnerships. So we’ve teamed up with two migration experts to help provide you with the best choices as you navigate away from Adobe Business Catalyst.

WordHerd Logo

WordHerd provides automated migrations for sites into the WordPress platform, replicating content and themes. Simple, fast and affordable wrangling of all your content, assets, web forms and SEO from Business Catalyst. This is a great option for large, complex sites.

BC Exporter

BC Exporter is guaranteed to save you time and hassle, and it exports more of your website than can you can do manually. In fact, BC Exporter exports all the data that the BC APIs allow + Media Downloads, and it wraps it all up for you in one .zip file which is easy to download, and transfer as you see fit.


Codeable is the only WordPress exclusive freelancer platform that connects thousands of customers with the top WordPress freelance experts to work on projects of any size. We can help with any development, troubleshooting, site speed optimization, integrations, implementations or any other WordPress related projects. Oh, and we do Woo! As the official customizations partner of WooCommerce we’ve helped more than 8,000 WooCommerce clients.

Once you’ve moved your site, what else sets us apart?

If you’re looking for a WP Engine alternative that can provide you with unparalleled performance and speed, 24/7 support, and scalable solutions for your business, we’ve heard we’re a solid option for happy customers. While the managed WordPress hosting field has grown vastly over the last 10 years, many of the early movers and shakers like WP Engine have lost sight of what really matters: you.

The Pressable Difference

Hosting companies mostly all provide the same services: a global CDN, caching, and daily backups. The real difference is in how these services perform, and how much added value your host provides along with their standard service.

Don't take our word for it.

Hear it straight from our customers

With larger hosts like WP Engine, much of this added value has faded away as they have expanded, leaving it as add-ons or next-tier features. But Pressable believes that basic support shouldn’t be considered a next-tier feature. Every day we have people coming to us commenting on the lack of support they receive at WP Engine, and we want to fix that. We want to be different. We want to be bold. We want to be where WordPress works best.

How do we achieve that goal?

By providing world-class support to our customers. Whether you’re experiencing problems with a plugin or can’t seem to get your site migrated properly, our 24/7, global support team is always just a click away to help you succeed.

As mentioned, our support extends through our network of vendors and business partners that are always available to help your company grow. Our strategic partner program is made up of web designers, marketing teams, SEO specialists, site security experts, video production companies…the list goes on and on. So if you need something that’s outside of Pressable’s wheelhouse, we can connect you with someone who can help.

But most importantly, we support you by doing our part. By providing a top-tier hosting solution so you don’t have to constantly be wondering whether your website is up. Our team takes care of the little things like migrations, PHP and plugin updates, caching, and more, so you can #PressOn and keep doing what you do best: run your business.

We’re here to talk about your website, or the portfolio of sites within your agency, to help you determine which migration path makes the most sense for you.

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