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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does “Managed” mean?

“Managed” hosting means that we take care of specific tasks related to your website and hosting so you can keep your focus on what your needs are. Click here to learn what we do and how we can help.

Can you move my site to your servers?

Absolutely! We are happy to migrate your site to our platform, free of charge.

How do I point my domain to Pressable?

There are two possible methods to point your domain to Pressable. You can either point your domain's name servers to us or use an A record.

Name servers tend to be the easiest option, whereas an A record is slightly more advanced. The benefit of using an A record is that you remain in control of your domain's DNS settings.

If you use name servers, we become your DNS host, and you will need to submit a ticket for any DNS changes, such as adding CNAME, TXT or MX records.

If you host your DNS at your registrar (where you bought the domain) or elsewhere (e.g. Cloudflare), then you can add records on your own.

For more information, see this help article in our knowledgebase.

Do you offer backups?

Pressable takes backups of your site every 24 hours. If you need your site restored, send us an email via

We also offer one-click restores through Jetpack Security Daily, which is free on every Pressable site. Jetpack Security Daily will backup your site every 24 hours as well, and, via Jetpack's Activity Log, you can restore your site and download a backup of your site, whenever you want.

Do your plans include any Themes?

Our plans include Jetpack Security Daily which provides you with 100+ free and premium WordPress themes to choose from. Make sure you activate and setup Jetpack once you are up and running to access these features.

Do you have step-by-step guides or tutorials?

Absolutely! Visit our Resource Center where you will find a complete Knowledge Base, recent Blog Articles to help you stay current, and eBooks to help you grow your business.

Do you support Multisite?

We support a subdirectory multisite setup. If you are using a subdomain setup, then we are unable to support your multisite. Don’t know how your multisite is set up? Click here to learn how to find out.

Will I be able to use my email with Pressable?

Pressable does not offer email hosting. We recommend using a third party email provider, such as GSuite, Outlook or Zoho. Zoho is free for a limited number of accounts.

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