I’d like to announce a new feature we’re adding to all our hosting plans: integration with SendGrid .

What is Sendgrid? Sendgrid is a service that helps us increase email deliverability, no longer do we, or you the customer need to worry about your outbound email servers being down. On top of that, you also get some really neat statistics, like the ones in the image attached to this post (real stats from our test run). (screenshot)

Some of our higher traffic websites and their membership systems needed a way to track things like how many of their emails were bouncing, and how often their promotional emails were being opened, this is not a replacement to mailchimp, this is just for inter member communication, and for things like making sure the lost password emails went out and were delivered, opened, clicked etc.

Soon. I’ve started work on a custom plugin that will give you similar stats right within the WordPress admin panel, once it’s out of private beta with the customers who need it the most, it’ll be available to all customers, old and new by default.
It’ll also be available on the WordPress.org plugins directory, and the source code will be on Github as always.

You can find out about the release of this plugin in a few ways.

1. Subscribe to this feed.
2. Subscribe to our newsletter.
3. Become a customer :).

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