The PHP community blogosphere is coming alive again, thanks to a post by Chris. I thought I’d put in my two cents as well.

Why I Like Blogs

  • I can read them at my slow pace.
  • They usually contain more information about a topic I’m interested in.
  • Blogs create credibility, they show up in google search results based on the number of people linking back, which usually is a decent indicator of how many people found the “solution” useful.
  • Sometimes, you need more than 140 characters, to make your point. Blogs like DaringFireball, Counternotions, Asymco, Knowing and Doing, and Methodologist usually have thoughtful essays, rather than news, or how-tos.. there is no other substitute for sharing them.

The last item is also a reason against blogs sometimes. I’ve run into blog posts from a few years ago that were talking about a specific version of software, and the solution is no longer right.. so when you’re reading a blog post, check the date. If it’s more than 6 months old, you may need to find a newer post.

By the end of this week, ZippyKid will be out of bootstrap mode, and a properly funded company, I’m going to grow the company, and in the process grow myself, expect a lot more blog posts from me for the rest of the year. They won’t all be on WordPress, expect my normal rants, my thoughts on Apple, the new stuff I’m learning about business, strategy, and execution.

Like Chris, I also have a curated list of people I like to read, I’ll be getting this list ready and in shareable form soon. In the mean time, I highly suggest you read Romy Misra’s blog. I’m honored to call her a friend and a colleague, her ability to understand the human condition is only visible through her blog posts, or long conversations with her, since none of you are as lucky as I am, just read her blog. She posts every day, and hits a home run every day.

One thought on “Ideas of March

  1. Issac

    Hey Vid,
    Thanks for the post and the update.”By the end of this week, ZippyKid will be out of bootstrap mode, and a properly funded company, “Rock and roll baby!!! That is awesome news.

    I need to talk to you soon about 2 sites and will need your expertise on wordpress hosting to guide me.

    Will talk to you soon.

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