This post explains some of the support options and level of support you can get from us here at ZippyKid. Whether you’re hosting a high traffic WordPress site, or a low traffic, but high value (City government) site, you need a way to figure out where the bottlenecks in your code are.

We can help you identify issues with your HTML, your database queries, and even calls to external services like Infusion Soft, or Facebook. While our competitors will give you a one page analysis of what’s wrong with the resulting HTML of your site, and tell you to use gzip, change expiration headers, and other low hanging fruit. We can actually tell you if your call to a Twitter feed, Facebook, or our database is the bottleneck.

Knowing this, enables you to make better informed decisions on how to optimize your website, rather than changing options in some poorly documented caching plugin, or viewing the results of some “page analyzer” that only looks at what you threw out 14 seconds after the request.

For example, the graph below, you can see that the server is done doing it’s thing in less 500 milliseconds, the network is done in less than 2.5 seconds. The rest is left up to the browser to process the javascript/html/css and render the page. gave this page a score of 95, because our system had already done the setting of headers, CDN, and image compression. But a browser that still takes 7.5 seconds to render? That’s unacceptable.

browser analysis
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Now look at this analysis of the actual request.. less than 600 milliseconds, and the server is done, the rest is up to the network and the computer.

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Check the external services analysis, now we can tell you how much time your site is spending talking to external services..

external service analysis
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And lastly, we can analyze your custom queries, plugins and tell you where things are slowing down if at all.

Database activity - zippykid - New Relic
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This analysis is available to our support staff 24×7, and available to enterprise customers ($250+/month), via the control panel at all times.

Nobody else in the managed hosting business, let alone in the Managed WordPress Hosting business is doing this, except for us. I hope the others step up their game and start offering this.. it’s not hard, and it’s good for the WordPress sites and the internet as a whole.

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