WordPress 3.5 is almost upon on. As always, we’ve been testing it ourselves for quite some time. This site is running the latest release candidate as we speak. This post is just a reminder about the upgrade path for our customers. We will wait at least 2 weeks before we start upgrading your site to WordPress 3.5.

New Sites

As soon as WordPress 3.5 is released, new websites that are provisioned through My ZippyKid , will be running the latest version.

Existing Sites

Sites that are already running on our system are eligible for manual upgrade by yourself. Since we’re managing your WordPress install, you don’t have to do anything, we’ll upgrade your site 2-3 weeks after release, once we’re sure that most of the plugins have been vetted, and upgraded.

Keep in mind, that since this release is happening in the vicinity of Christmas/Hannukah/Holidays, some developers may be taking some well deserved vacations, so the upgrade cycle this time around is going to be slower than other releases.

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