Official response to the brute force attacks of Spring 2013

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By now a lot of you have seen the news reports on TechCrunch, Sucuri and other news sources about the massive attack against WordPress sites. We’ve been working in the background to solve this problem on our systems dilligently. We were fortunate enough to not see the attacks come to us, until last night, and right now the attacks are going full force. In the past hour alone, we’ve stopped about 10,000 attempts.  

There is a very small possibility that the system thinks of you or your users as an attacker, when that happens, you’ll see a message like the one below.


The message humans see if they trigger the security alarm


As the message says, just relax, and try again in a minute or so. We’re sorry about this, but we’ll make our detection algorithms better over time.  I’d also like to personally thank Ben Welch Bolen, the CEO of Site 5 for keeping the back channels open during this crisis, and sharing critical information that helped us devise this plan.