A few months ago, we released a feature in the ZippyKid control panel called “Modes”. I wanted to take the time today to explain what this feature does, and why it exists. We built this feature based on usage patterns and questions being asked in our ticketing system.


A website usually switches between two states, or modes in it’s life time.  When it’s first launched on our systems, the developer needs to install plugins, install themes, and make changes. This can happen via the Admin interface, SFTP, or something like Git or Subversion. While this is happening, minor changes are made, that do not need the full horse power of the ZippyKid platform. This is also a good way to test if your site breaks when it’s served from more than one web server, and if it runs in a PHP 5.4.X environment. Once the customer is happy, a domain is attached to the site, and the site goes live, it is then in production mode. Where we automatically configure the caching of the website, the CDN, and other server side optimizations that we feel are necessary for the website.

In the past you needed to manually enable/disable these settings one by one. With ZippyKid, you just click one button.

Development Mode

This is the default mode sites start out in. We recommend you put the site in this mode when you are making frequent changes, especially frontend changes. It’ll speed up your workflow considerably, as you don’t need to purge the CDN after every change to a CSS file.

Production Mode

This mode is why you chose ZippyKid in the first place. This is when we turn on caching for your site, and configure it to use our content delivery network (CDN).

In Conclusion

These two modes give you the flexibility to work properly on our environment. You could have one site in Development mode 100% of the time, where you make your changes and test with the client. When you’re comfortable, you can apply those changes to your production site, manually or by using a version control system.


6 thoughts on “Production and Development mode for your sites

  1. daniel cummings

    um, turning this on just broke my site – it’s rendering without any styles at all about 5 minutes after putting the site into production mode. not very confidence-inspiring for something that promises a one-button speed up but causes a one-button pile-up.

  2. Vid Luther

    Daniel, have you created a ticket for this issue with your site? We have this button being used by thousands of sites every day, if it’s not working for you, it’s a rare bug and we’d love to figure out what it is.

  3. daniel cummings

    hi vidluther, thanks for the feedback. i did create a ticket. sorry to be so “rare” 🙂 production mode is still not working for me.

  4. zippybenji

    Daniel, just wanted to follow-up, it’s been little over a week since we put some fixes in place for you that enables production mode to function properly for you (by removing the conflicting plugin), are things still running well?

  5. daniel

    the display problems that happened when moving to production mode have been fixed.

    let’s be clear about the cause: it was an old setting in a zippykid plugin that i had no control over. it was not a plugin i had installed that was causing a glitch.

    the fix as i understand was for zippykid to point the zippykid cdn plugin to the correct cdn.


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