The latest studies and reports are showing that web sites are getting bigger.  The pictures and video we’re taking with our smart devices aren’t designed for the web and are contributing to an increase in page weight, year over year.

For the past two years, companies like ZippyKid have been including and pushing for the use of Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to reduce page load time. But, page load time will only decrease if the page weight decreases too. This increase in page weight is actually negating the use of CDNs. What’s a website owner to do now?

Introducing the ZippyKid PageSpeed service beta. 

We partnered with the PageSpeed team at Google to develop a new service designed to dramatically reduce page load times. Best of all, you’ll see significant performance gains without changing a single line of code or installing a plugin.

PageSpeed for ZippyKid is the world’s first WordPress optimization service powered by ngx_pagespeed, designed to automatically apply web performance best practices to deliver fast WordPress sites. These best practices include:

  • Optimizing caching by leveraging browser caching and proxy caching techniques to dramatically reduce round-trip time and substantially reduce the total payload size of responses.
  • Minimizing request overhead
  • Minimizing payload size
  • Optimizing browser rendering
  • Compressing and optimizing images for mobile devices on the fly
  • Serving WEBP files when acceptable and appropriate
  • Combining and compressing CSS and Javascript

Together, these techniques deliver a significant increase in the speed of WordPress sites.

Speed is a feature. Our goal at the Make the Web Fast team at Google has been to help site owners speed up their sites without needing to become web optimization experts – our PageSpeed libraries do exactly that, offering over 40 web optimization filters. Our newest addition to the PageSpeed family is the ngx_pagespeed module for the popular Nginx server, and we’re excited to work the ZippyKid team to bring these optimizations to millions of WordPress users!

Ilya Grigorik – Google

How much faster will your websites run?

Our benchmarks indicate that PageSpeed for ZippyKid will deliver up to a 75% reduction in page sizes and a 50% improvement in page rendering speeds. These performance gains translate directly to better SEO performance and a dramatic improvement in user experience. All while delivering richer media to further differentiate you from your competition.

A dramatic reduction in the # of requests

page requests reduced with ngx_pagespeed

The number of requests per page is reduced considerably with ngx_pagespeed


A dramatic reduction in Speed Index of websites

The speed index is reduced with ngx_pagespeed

A dramatic reduction in the speed index with ngx_pagespeed

Web page size is reduced considerably with PageSpeed as well


page weight is reduced with ngx_pagespeed

page weight is almost cut in half with ngx_pagespeed



What’s Next? 

There are some bugs, and we caution the roll out of this. We’re interested in existing customers who are willing to try this out with us, and help us make the offering 100% production ready.  Sign up for the ZippyKid PageSpeed beta program.

Criteria for Beta

The criteria for acceptance on this beta program is as follows.

  1. You must be an existing ZippyKid customer, if you aren’t you can sign up here 🙂
  2. You must realize that support for this is limited, so we may not respond to issues with this service as fast as normal tickets.
  3. You do not depend on ads for revenue. We know there is a problem with some ad networks and their code.


This would not be possible without the following people.

14 thoughts on “ZippyKid Partners with Google to Deliver Blazing Fast WordPress Sites

  1. thomas zickell

    Bravo great job you’ve been doing. The new backup system is fantastic First in the industry the ability to offer SPDY 1st is a huge deal.
    Now you are offering a truly unique solution to the problems of websites carrying too much bloat the fact that you’re working with Google along with Net DNA is a testament to how far ahead you are. Getting a site to get any faster on your service seems hard to do but you found a way. Using Nginx on top of it makes you a pioneer your the industry again.
    Great job,

  2. Vid Luther

    It’s a great plugin @hostgra, though we don’t need it, or install it on our systems.

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