If you’ve ever heard about or witnessed a stunt by Saul Colt, world-renowned word of mouth marketer, you know he does things differently. (When’s the last time you hired a mime to follow you around?!) In a recent interview, our Forbes respected customer enlightened us to what he does differently and why it works.


How did you get to be this expert at word of mouth marketing, and why do you do it?

When I was younger I found myself making superhero comics like Batman, Superman, and Spiderman as a way to stand out to get people to notice what I was doing. Everything I do is based around entertaining people, surprising people. It’s about making people scratch their heads so they want to know more. I’ve continued that thought process of entertaining people that I started when I was young, but with the purpose of getting a message across and the message is usually around a product, a service, or even just myself.


What advice do you have for coming up with creative ideas?

The formula is actually pretty simple. I allow myself to be inspired by everything. I tend to watch the things that other people aren’t watching. I read books on oddball topics. I believe that if everybody is being inspired by the exact same things, everybody’s work is going to be very similar. Because I’m consuming all this content from nontraditional sources, the stuff I come up with is different.


You do a very good job talking about yourself and your achievements. Tell me more about the logic behind this.

I only ever talk about myself because one, it’s a way of building the myth around myself and making sure more and more people know how amazing I am and remember me. Beyond that, you can ask me any question about anything I talk about and I can answer it. Whereas if I’m talking about some viral video or something Amazon did, I can’t come up with something very intelligent and I’m not going to give you something you’re going to learn from.


When’s the last time you second-guessed yourself, or have you ever?

I never really second-guess myself because I know I can fix almost any situation. I go in expecting things to be broken and when you do that, you can’t be disappointed. The trick is to make sure nobody knows it didn’t work. Fix it quick enough so people think it was always supposed to be that way.


What role, if any, has your website played in helping you?

Anytime I add content to it, it performs amazingly. However, I don’t have the discipline or the time to keep contributing content because I don’t want my stuff to be light or fluffy. I’ve got a binder of 75 future blog post topics.


I have to ask, why did you choose us as your web hosting provider and what has and hasn’t worked?

I’ll just be honest; it was completely based on the people in the company. I’ve known Vid for probably two years now. Vid has been super good to me and you guys have never let me down. The service is amazing but I kind of like the fact that I’ve met you in real life. That goes a long way.


We hope you enjoyed learning about Saul’s creative strategy. Check out his wordpress site at saul.is to see some of the bold, crazy ideas he’s gotten away with (and been paid for!) in the past.

Coming up, we’re interviewing another awesome customer: Patrick Vlaskovits, New York Times bestselling author for his book The Lean Entrepreneur.  If you could pick his brain what would you ask? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter (@zippykid) soon and we’ll try to get the answer for you!

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