Wanna join ZippyKid but you already built a WordPress site elsewhere? No problem! We understand that you put so much work into your WordPress website and starting over is not an option, luckily you don’t have to. We wrote a step by step knowledge base article on how to migrate WordPress websites to ZippyKid. Take a look!



Still not sure if you can migrate WordPress websites to ZippyKid on your own (or you just don’t want to!)? We also offer a migration service for a one time fee of $250. To do this, check out the article below. Which ever way you pick, there is always a way to migrate over to ZippyKid! And we’re here to help you every step of the way.



Each week we’ll be publishing a new how-to article on KB.ZippyKid.com. Have a topic or question you want us to cover? Shoot us an e-mail to KB@ZippyKid.com or send us a tweet.


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