wordpress managed hostingCompared to other website hosting platforms, WordPress is intuitive, fast, and loaded with practical features. But if you are new to using WordPress for a website, it helps to keep some simple tips in mind. Here are six that can help ensure a seamless transition to this new platform:

1.     Pare Down Your Widgets

It’s tempting to pack the sidebar of your site with as many widgets as possible. But if they do not lead directly to conversions, they are just cluttering up your design. Decide which ones are essential or profitable, and remove everything else.

2.     Revise Your Permalinks

If you use clear and compact permalinks, you can improve your SEO rankings and make it easier for your target audience to find the content that is relevant to them. The default setting for permalinks is ?p=<postid>. However, if you go to Settings > Permalinks, you can change the structure to /post-name/ or /category/post-name/ by selecting /%postname%/ or /%category%/%postname%/.

3.     Use Targeted Titles and Descriptions

The title of your page and its description are important both for SEO purposes and for attracting readers. Be sure your titles are attention-grabbing and your descriptions have a compelling call to action.

4.     Optimize Your Images

Make sure that all your images carry title tags and alternate text tags. These tags perform an important service for readers—particularly those using assistive devices—and WordPress features make it easy to plug them in.

5.     Focus on Your Landing Page

It’s the portal to your site, so it needs to make a strong impression. Use WordPress themes and the best practices of website design to grab browsers immediately and pull them further into your site.

6.     Don’t Neglect the Footer

WordPress makes it easy to customize the features of your website footer. Don’t think of this as wasted space. At the very least, add some information about who created the site and when. This simple step helps establish your authenticity.

The final thing to realize about using WordPress for a website is that hosting has a huge effect on the way your traffic experiences your site. Work with Pressable, and get more from the start.