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Woman frustrated and looking off into the distance because the client hasn’t delivered content

I Built the Site but the Client Hasn’t Delivered Content. Now What?

So you or your agency builds WordPress websites. That’s awesome. Thanks for being part of the economic ecosystem that has built over 31% of the web! But you have issues with your client. The client…

Tablet showing increased revenue.
WordPress eCommerce

Five emails to send that will grow your WooCommerce revenue

There’s so much more to email marketing than sending out a newsletter or a “10 percent off sale” announcement to your list once or twice a week. Every single time you email your customers it’s…

A person helping customers.

What Does It Mean to Be Customer-Centric?

A customer-centric business model is undeniably effective. According to a study by Deloitte and Touche, it’s nearly 60% more effective in generating profits. But, here’s the thing: customer-centricity doesn’t just apply to one-on-one interactions with…

An infographic showing the building of a WordPress website.
WordPress Tutorials

WordPress basics for building a WordPress site

Logging in to WordPress Once you have signed up for one of our WordPress hosting plans, it’s time to begin building your new WordPress website. To start, visit the My Sites page of the MyPressable…

Man thinking at his desk

Making the Switch to Managed WordPress Hosting

Before making the switch from self- or general-hosting to Managed WordPress hosting for agencies, an agency must consider many important points. When a client trusts your agency to host their website, you must ensure that…

sending an email
WordPress eCommerce

Using Email Marketing to Grow Your eCommerce Store

Email has been around as long as…well, as long as the Internet. For over 30 years, people have been communicating online via email, and that’s why it’s such a wonderful marketing tool for a WooCommerce…

woocommerce extensions for sales tax
WordPress eCommerce

The Top Three WooCommerce Extensions to Manage Sales Tax

In the last few months, sales tax collection has suddenly become a lot more complicated. Like, a lot more complicated. A Supreme Court ruling from this June has allowed for state-by-state legislation that requires businesses…

Simple automatic updates with Staging Pilot
WordPress Tips & Tricks

Simple Automatic WordPress Plugin Updates with StagingPilot

“All my WordPress sites are 100% up-to-date,” said no one, ever. There are new WordPress plugin and theme updates every day, and if you’re managing multiple sites, it’s a huge chore to keep them updated….

Woman thinking about how to improve her agency's SEO capabilities.

SEO Should be FOM for Freelancers and Design Agencies – Part 2

In WordPress world today, every web developer, designer and marketer is looking to get into the SEO game. But, where should you even start? With so many tools and tips out there, it can be…

Someone holding a mobile device looking at the best ways to use plugins to improve WordPress site security.
WordPress Plugins & Themes

It Takes a Village – WordPress Site Plugin Security & Beyond

There’s no question about it when it comes to site security: you need to keep your data and your customers’ information safe. But that means keeping track of all the different ways your site might…

Woman thinking about how to improve her agency's SEO capabilities.

SEO Should be FOM for Freelancers and Design Agencies – Part 1

In the WordPress and agency space, there is a certain topic that is increasingly on everyone’s mind: SEO (search engine optimization). While my friends in the web community are stellar visual designers and web developers,…

man sitting next to a computer at a desk reading freelance contracts

Freelance Contracts: Where Do I Even Start?

Let’s face it. No one really wants to write up a contract. There are so many different parts and so many ways it might go wrong. What if you forget to include a schedule of…