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yoast sitemap
WordPress Plugins & Themes

Configuring Your Yoast Sitemap and Advanced Settings the Right Way

In today’s post, we’ll look at XML Yoast sitemaps and advanced settings. XML Sitemaps Having your site indexed by search engines is the first and most basic step of SEO. Search engines look for sitemaps in order…

WordPress Tutorials

Using wp_query to expand your WordPress Site’s Functions

WordPress developers are constantly looking at ways to improve the functionality and performance of their clients’ sites. To aid in this effort, WordPress includes an extensive library of functions that can be used to add features and functionality to…

A woman installing a WordPress theme.
WordPress Tutorials

How to Install a WordPress Theme

Ready to install a WordPress theme?  Great!  There are tons of resources online when it comes to themes. We recommend themes from the Theme Directory. If you’re looking for a Premium theme we recommend…

Updating your DNS Server
WordPress Tutorials

How to Update DNS Settings When You Switch WordPress Hosting Providers

In December 2014, we published a three-part series of articles on DNS. We explored the most commonly misunderstood topics related to the domain name system (DNS): registrars and name servers, zones and records, and record…

Using two factor authentication to keep WordPress site secure.
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WordPress Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

There are many vectors of attack that can compromise your WordPress website, and the list is growing as hackers are improving their methods. But oddly enough, brute force attacks remain one of the largest and…

Woman wearing pink cardigan sitting on round chain using laptop on lap
WordPress Tutorials

REST API in WordPress: When, Why, and How to Use It

Think of how much of your business data you store in WordPress. What if you could access it and use it in different applications? Thankfully you can do that with the REST API in WordPress….

sni Server Name Indication
WordPress Tips & Tricks

Using Server Name Indication (SNI) for Better SSL Encryption

Ask any WordPress developer about SSL certificates and encryption and you are likely to get a lot of groans and eye-rolling. Encrypting even basic websites is becoming a requirement due to market movers like Google;…

How to set up WordPress 301 redirects
WordPress Tutorials

Page Redirection: How to Set up Redirects in WordPress

One of the biggest reasons why WordPress is so popular is because there is pretty much a plugin to help solve any problem you may have. One of the most common problems we get asked about…

Two developers performing scheduled maintenance on a WordPress site.
WordPress Tips & Tricks

Why does my site say “Briefly Down For Scheduled Maintenance”?

Is your website showing the “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance” message? You may encounter this message when applying updates to your site. This happens because a plugin or theme was interrupted before it could finish the updates…

How to transfer a domain
WordPress Tips & Tricks

How to migrate your site from

Did you know that Pressable will migrate up to five managed hosted WordPress sites from other hosts for free? If you’d like us to migrate your site log in to your MyPressable account and create…