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A person reviewing the pros and cons of contract work.

Pros and Cons of Contract Work

Contracts: Nobody Wants One Until You Wish You Had One We’ve all been there. You said you would do one thing, but the client wanted something else. Now you and your client are exchanging awkward…

A man who is taking advantage of the top five remote working hacks.

Top Five Remote Working Hacks for a Better Workday

Ah…remote working. No dress code. No commute. No limits on where you can set up your laptop and get to work. What could be better? Turns out, working remotely isn’t as easy as you might…

Man at desk deciding whether an agency or freelance is right for his business.

Agency or a Freelancer – Which Is Right for Your Business?

There’s no doubt about it–the ‘gig economy’ is taking over the world. Some economists claim that by 2027, the majority of workers in the US will be freelance, hawking their skills off to those who…

Managed WordPress Hosting - Support

Four Ways Managed WordPress Hosting Saves You Time

The old saying goes, ‘Time is money.’ And in the digital age, that saying goes tenfold. Just one second in page load speed can mean the difference between getting a customer’s attention, or losing a…

A person thinking of how they can setup an effective client retention system.

How Agencies Can Benefit From a Client Retention System

Your agency needs an effective client retention system, plain and simple. Without one, you’ll continuously be on the search for new clients. Whenever a new project ends, you’re back out there again, chasing down leads,…

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Making Money With WordPress: Do You Need to Be a Developer?

You’ve probably heard about this thing called WordPress and how people are using it to make money. They could be developing WordPress themes and plugins or creating amazing websites. You might ask, “can I start a WordPress business of my own?” Let’s…