Innov8 Place

Innov8 Place Team

Success for our clients is success for us. That’s why we sat down with Stefanie Young, CEO of Innov8 Place, so we could hear first-hand about the success her business has achieved thanks to Pressable.

What made you want to make the move to Pressable?

One of the factors was the migration process. Your migration process takes it off our hands and frees up my time. That’s clearly customer service. I’ve known about Pressable for a while, and you are always willing to answer our questions. Plus there’s our community bond. Your pricing doesn’t hurt either!

Were you surprised by anything when you joined us?

It was interesting to see the email settings that were in place. Before, we had no help at all with email settings, we just had preset emails to interface with.

JetPack premium, especially the SEO features, having that built into your subscriptions helps us build in value for my customers as well. A lot of our customers use Yoast. They can stay with Yoast if they want to, but JetPack gives us so much more, without the premium cost, thus letting us capitalize on that for our customers.

What are some of the nicest things about Pressable?

The storage setups interfacing with S3 and Rackspace is SUPER helpful. Once it was set up, it was really simple because I was able to have backups happen everyday. That gives our team the flexibility to work and backtrack when we need to go to a previous version of a site.

You have had a lot of growth recently. Can you tell us about that?

Since we started, we’ve been able to create and optimize repeatable processes, which is really easy to create when using WordPress. We’ve been able to not only set it up so that the team can know where they are in starting a project, but they also know what they can do when they offer hosting packages to our clients. With that, we’re able to take on more clients at once.

We’re also able to make sure we’re on the ball when it comes to the project timeline. Using Pressable’s tools has become a huge part of our workflow. Any other host we’ve used hasn’t allowed for the ease of mind, SSL keys, and backups that Pressable does. We’ve been able to promise all of these things, and that wouldn’t be possible without a host like Pressable.

The other big key factor is the live staging sites! It’s so important for us to test our sites across multiple devices—it also allows for our clients to see in real time where their project is in development. It holds us responsible, and allows the client to test the site across their staff/team. This allows for open feedback. The result of that is a higher level of quality assurance.

Because of our ability to prove our quality, we’ve been able to grow. Previously, we had high quality websites, but not the quantity we needed for real growth. By creating these repeatable processes, we’ve been able to create high quantity sites. We’ve had marketing firms that contract with us to be their internal development team. With that, we’ve been able to take on a lot of continuation projects: modifying existing sites, servicing the sites, and maintaining the sites. This has allowed us to create recurring income.

How do you feel about this growth?

It’s overwhelming, and its awesome. We’re working out our foundation. Finding it has been our salvation. It’s been so great to find a solution within the process and product at Pressable. This solution that you’ve enabled has been great for our business. We didn’t think the company we hosted our sites with would be such a large contributor in our success, but it has been. And it’s been an exciting journey!

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