Lani Rosales

Four years ago, my husband, the co-founder of BASHH (Big Ass Social Happy Hour), was in a hospital bed. His chest had been sawed open, his heart removed, poked, and sewn back in. He was having quadruple-bypass surgery, so I had to take over the company for a bit. And I did.

To this day, I’m not sure what I did, but I was sitting in a hospital, trying to get some work done in between hollering at nurses because the most precious person in my life was having massive complications, and I broke our websites. All of them.

I was in tears. I just wanted him to be okay, for the company to be okay. But our websites went completely down and the entire company came to an abrupt stop.

It was the last thing we all needed. What was I going to do?

Our last WordPress host was very condescending, and would typically put problems back on us. While in tears, I expected the same as I put in a customer support ticket to Pressable.

An hour later, I received a reply that they fixed it for me.

They just fixed it.

They didn’t ask questions. They understood what I was going through and simply fixed it because they could. It wasn’t part of any package or anything he had paid for. They just did the right thing.

They saved our company.