Laughing Squid

Founded by Scott Beale in 1995,  Laughing Squid is currently based in New York City. The company is made up of two complementary entities: its art, culture, and technology blog and its managed WordPress hosting services. While its blog experiences steady growth, Laughing Squid found itself in need of a more robust environment to grow its hosting services.

Search Successful

In early 2018, Laughing Squid began the search for a WordPress Partner that could offer our customers a unique Managed WordPress hosting solution. We tested multiple providers, and we knew that we needed a robust architecture and a solution we could grow with. We found that with Pressable.

Ongoing, Helpful Support

Scott recalls being on the phone with Pressable’s Director of Sales, Richard Lopez. “If we had to migrate all of our sites, it wouldn’t have been done as efficiently, but Richard said that Pressable would be able to migrate them all!”

“Our team doesn’t really ask for help unless we can’t do it ourselves. We’re low impact. But the migrations done by the Pressable Support Team are efficientand that was such a pleasant surprise!”

Scott Devaney, System Administrator, also appreciates Pressable’s outstanding level of support. [bctt tweet=”What has been a very nice change of pace in general is that issues are almost always resolved in one ticket reply. It doesn’t take a bunch of back and forth to get results.” username=”pressable”]

Growing Together

The Pressable team is familiar with the kind of growth that Laughing Squid has experienced, and our clients have asked for features that have lead to their continued growth.

In February this year, Beale brought up a feature request in a phone conversation with his account manager, Claudia. “Our team didn’t want collaborators to be able to accidentally delete and destroy a site, and we wondered if Pressable could somehow implement a new function that could help.”

Pressable was able to add the functionality, not only to the Laughing Squid panel, but as a new feature to all of their clients.

[bctt tweet=”“Our team was thrilled! We’ve learned to rely on Pressable because they do what they say they’ll do,” he says.” username=”pressable”]

One of the perks of Pressable is our simple, growth-oriented approach to managed WordPress hosting and pricing. We don’t limit disk space, bandwidth, or charge overages for every little thing.
This approach allows agencies like Laughing Squid to easily understand how much they will pay month-to-month and plan accordingly for the future. For business owners like Beale, that’s a valuable benefit.

“Our blog is run by the revenues that our hosting gains, so every bit helps! We reviewed the products, services, and support that we would get through other Managed WordPress hosts, and none stood higher than Pressable. With the included bandwidth and storage, we found that Pressable is a performance powerhouse, and the price point fit our budget. That allows us to grow,” he says.

Since February, Laughing Squid has grown to host more than 100 sites with Pressable, with plans for many more in the coming years. Scott tells Pressable, [bctt tweet=”My team and I are able to grow both our blog and our hosting services to support our customer base—all with Pressable’s Support team right there with us, every step of the way.” username=”pressable”]