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Laughing Squid

People working on laptops and mobile devices.

Laughing Squid is an art, culture, and technology blog and hosting company that specializes in managed WordPress hosting. It was founded by Scott Beale in 1995 and is currently based in New York City. They are made up of two complementary entities: their blog and their hosting services. While their blog experiences steady growth, they found themselves in need of a more robust environment to grow their hosting services.

Big Dreams – Migration Struggles

Their team went into the search for a new host knowing that the upcoming months would be stressful. Relocating hosting space is not an easy task, and not inexpensive, either! As they looked for a new host, a friend recommended Pressable.
“Our team doesn’t really ask for help unless we can’t do it ourselves. We’re low impact. But the migration done by the Pressable Support Team, as efficient as it was, was such a pleasant surprise” - Scott Beale @laughingsquid Click To Tweet
Scott recalls being on the phone with our Director of Sales, Richard Lopez.
“If we had to migrate all of our sites, it wouldn’t have been done as efficiently, but Richard said that Pressable would migrate them all!” - Scott Beale @laughingsquid Click To Tweet
Migrations take planning. They take resources. And as a smaller team, Laughing Squid wasn’t prepared to take on that challenge, but their growth called for more—more features, more tools, more advanced architecture, and a winning team to work with.

Post Migration: Ongoing Helpful Support

“What has been a very nice change of pace in general is that issues are almost always resolved in one ticket reply. It doesn't take a bunch of back and forth to get results.” - Scott Devaney, System Administrator @laughingsquid Click To Tweet
The Pressable team is familiar with the kind of growth that Laughing Squid has experienced, and our customers have asked for features that have lead to our own growth. When we acquire new partners, they bring along their own sets of expectations. After finding out what those are, we look inward to see what kinds of things we can do to meet those expectations. Our team is continuously seeking feedback to better our systems, provide better support, and expand our feature-set. Our new customers bring a fresh look, and with a fresh look comes fresh features!

On Monday, February 19, Scott brought up a feature request in a phone conversation with his account manager, Claudia. Their team didn’t want collaborators to be able to delete and destroy a site, and they wondered if our team could somehow implement a new function that could help.

We were able to add the functionality, not only to Scott’s account, but to all of our customers in less than 24 hours. Scotts response: “Wow! That’s amazing. Our team will be thrilled. Thanks so much for doing this!”

We know that to be the best, we have to be continuously growing, and our customers knowing that they can come to us for help is the first step to achieving that goal.
“We’ve learned to rely on Pressable because they do what they say they’ll do.” - Scott Beale @laughingsquid Click To Tweet

Growing Together

Laughing Squid currently hosts over 100 sites with Pressable, and there are plenty of plans for continued growth! Laughing Squid’s two separate entities, the blog and the hosting arm, allow one to feed the other. Laughing Squid’s blog is run by the revenues that their hosting gains, so every bit helps! After reviewing their competitor’s pricing and their current spending, getting value and a reliable product for their own hosting was a must. Pressable has not only been a performance powerhouse, but has saved Laughing Squid over 40% of their previous monthly spend.

Pressable’s mission is to provide fair, world-class hosting, and Pressable Support is the cornerstone of that effort. Feedback and partnerships with companies like Laughing Squid help to fuel our passion.

Scott and his team are able to focus on what they love, their blog, and still provide hosting and email support to their customer base. All with Pressable’s Support Team right there with them, every step of the way.