Automated Migration

We want to make switching hosts as easy as possible.

There are a few hurdles associated with switching hosts, and migrating sites is often seen as one of the highest to overcome. That's why we at Pressable want to make switching easy. Once you open your account and select your plan, just download our one-click automated migration plugin, follow the prompts, and let the plugin take it from there. Or, if you'd rather leave it to the pros, our team of WordPress experts will take care of it for you. Just submit a migration request form in your dashboard and you're good to go. Whatever's holding you back from switching to a new host, you can take site migration off that list.

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    Head to the WordPress plugin repository and download the plugin we've created with BlogVault.

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    Submit a migration request form from your dashboard and let our experts handle the move for you.

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    Customers can move their sites onto our servers without the hassle of a 'normal' site migration.

For more information on the automated migration plugin and what to expect when using it, check out our Knowledge Base, or head over to the WordPress Plugin Repository and learn more about our automated migration plugin.

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