Collaborator Access

Are you worried about handing over admin credentials to your sites, or worse, your control panel?

With Pressable, you don't have to worry any more. Our collaborator access function makes expanding access inside or outside your organization a breeze. Just open up your control panel and add a new user. It's simple as that. Plus you can choose which areas of your panel new collaborators can access right from the myPressable Control Panel.

  • Checked checkbox.

    Easily assign new collaborators with the click of a button from your control panel.

  • Checked checkbox.

    Expand or reverse what areas of your panel collaborators can access at any point.

Issue collaborator access and credentials with specific individuals within your team or organization straight from the myPressable control panel. It’s as easy as one click, and you're ready to go. This functionality allows you to keep your admin credentials secure while easily dispersing new access inside or outside of your organization.

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